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    I don't know if your allowed to arrange buy/sell stuff but I'm interested in a mosin nagant and also wanna know more specs on it, max range, what it can be customized with stuff like that, so if anyone can help its greatly appreciated
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    M91/30: comes w/ a great tent stake or spit for cooking. Doubles as a canoe paddle, club, or tent pole. Accurate range, 700 yards realistically if you can see that far or are a great shot w/ a PU. Fun factor out weighs all. Customize w/ boiling water and 15 cans of ammo, Some sandbags, a few krauts.

  3. Chainfire

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    These guns are a hoot to own, shoot and collect. Buy yourself one, but consider keeping it in original condition. The supplies of these are going to dry up, just like all other surplus firearms have, and become far more valuable then they are today. If you "customize" it, it will ruin any collectable value. There are some Mosin rifles, for sale, on the web right now, that if they had been left alone would be selling for 5 to 6 hundered bucks, but they were customized and the owner hasn't been able to sell them for $160.00 for over a month.

    The Mosin-Nagant round is similar in ballastics to a .308 or an .06. The surplus ammo is cheap. You have a lot of options on models from a $800.00 authentic sniper to a $100.00 common refurb model 91/30. You can buy a really accurate rifle if you want to spend about $300.00 by buying a Finnish Model M-39.

    The only good way to add a scope is with a "scout style mount" which you can do without damaging the historical value.
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    I personly don't think they are worth putting a lot into. By the time you make. It a custom shooter you could have just bought a new hunting scoped rifle right off the shelf. I got mine for cheep fun and mabey a ow sht gun. Its ruff, crude and build like a brick sht house. But it fires every time you pull the trigger. Can't ask for more
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    A lot of the trader sites are selling them with different stocks or this or that. And they are still selling for 200 or less. Seems a waste of a neat piece of history to me. And they got to be losing money of they bought the stock.
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    Mills Fleet Farm is running their monthly $89.99 special on Mosin Nagants this week, if your in WI or MN.
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    Truth- any of us that DID sell you a rifle would have to ship it to a Federal Firearms License holder (dealer) in your home state. So in addition to the sale price, add in shipping (say- $25-$35), and the Fee you will pay a dealer to do the transfer ($25 to as high as $100 in some areas) Frankly, for the very low cost of a run-of-the-mill 91/30 or an M44 carbine, you would be better off finding a dealer where you live.

    The rifles are really not amenable to a lot of accessories- they are fun shooters, and even fair hunters with the right ammo. If you have a rifle with a good bore, it will shoot minute-of-bad-guy to 500 yards (if you can). They have enough power to drop any animal that you will find in the Western Hemisphere of the world. They are simple and durable enough to be used by an illiterate peasant (quite well- ask the German Army at Stalingrad)

    Any private sale of a firearm across a state line MUST involve a FFL holder on the receiving end- if anyone suggests doing otherwise, we have a team we send out to tie that person to a handy phone pole, rub them with bacon, and release the wolverines. :p
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    Someone say bacon?
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    ^^^+1 This says it all.
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    I would not buy a Mosin Nagant online. I am far to picky to take what an online vendor sends me or pick from 6 pictures that don't reveal a whole lot. I want a gun with matching serial numbers that wasn't built during a war. QC went out the window during WWI and WWII. I have a 1930 dragoon with the 91/30 sights on it. The sights were set up to shoot the gun with the bayonet mounted. I had to cut over .250" off the rear sight ramp to get it sighted in without the bayonet. I cut the sight down with a belt sander. It was tedious but I have the gun shooting well. I don't like the milsurp ammo. Milsurp ammo is a hunk of scrap metal with lead poured over it. I have much better luck with Brown/Silver Bear 203gr SP ammo. I can hit a paper plate almost every time at 150 yards. That is as far as my old eyes can see a paper plate.