mosin nagant

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  1. 1911beast

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    where is the cheapest 91/30 mosin nagant you guys can fined:D

  2. kfox75

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    Try Armslist. Heres a link.ARMSLIST - Gun Classifieds

    Check your state listings, or local listings, dealer or private party. Or use their search options. Then see what comes up.

    My wife picked up a 1942 Tula 91/30 from a co-worker yesterday for $50. It was her deceased father's and she is not a gun person. It had the bayonet, cleaning kit, sling, and stripper pouches with it. Sale also included 100 rouinds of ammo. The rifle is a late Christmas present to me from her. I was shocked.:cool:

    Check your local pawn shops, and gun shows. I usually see 4-5 of them at the shows I attend, most of them below $150. Good luck.