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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by JP11283, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. JP11283

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    I had my first experience with a Mosin Nagant 91/30 today. My buddy bought one a few weeks ago. Up until today, the most powerful rifle I had shot was a 30-30.

    Needless to say, after reading about the Mosin's recoil and noise, I was just a little nervous getting ready to fire. He let me fire it first so I didn't see it and hear it to know what I was getting into. I fired the first shot, looked over at him and said, "I need a Mosin!" Without a doubt, that was one of the coolest guns I've fired. It was by far the loudest gun at the range today and got everyone's attention when we fired the first shot. I ended up firing about 50 rounds through it during the three hours we were there and my shoulder is letting me know it!
  2. JonM

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    Yes everyone needs a mosin. Damn fine rifles.

  3. unclebear

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    I love mine, getting stripper clips for. Simple, tough, accurate, powerful, badass there are a lot of words I could use for it. I like it a lot better then my old mans 7mm rem mag, also during winter the straight bolt and short stock are perfect for heavy cloths.
  4. therewolf

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    I love the relics. I love the feel of shooting history.

    Not loving when the cartridge splits open, though.

    I always have a good time at the range with the

  5. Firearms4ever

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    The Mosin Nagant is one of the best purchases someone could make, IMO.
  6. CHLChris

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    But what about the magazine? Only 5 rounds with an internal magazine seems really limiting.

    How are 91/30 iron sights, especially with the bayonet not attached? What is the point of aim, versus point of impact?
  7. MrMosin

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    At 50 yards, my 91/30 shoots about 6-7 inches high, not that big of a deal really, just like Patches 'O Houlihan said, "aim low". :D
  8. Chainfire

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    I will preface my comments by saying that I own more than one Mosin Nagant rifle, and I am very fond of them. (too fond)

    Your point of aim and impact will vary rifle to rifle, ammo to ammo and maybe shot to shot. You can find where the rifle shoots and adjust the sights or your shooting to allow. These rifles are reasonably accurate, unless you get a lemon. The worst shooting Mosin Nagant rifle, that I own, shoots better than my old eyes do. With something to prop on I could hit a man sized target with iron sights from two hundred yards most of the time, but I could not put 5 rounds in a silver dollar at 100 yards, ever.

    I see no problem with the "limiting factor" a 5 round magazine on a bolt action plinking or hunting rifle. I would not select a "run of the mill" Mosin Nagant 91/30 for a sniper weapon unless forced to do so, although a really good one would do the job well. I would certainly never want to go to war with a rifle the Russian army discarded as obsolete 50 years ago. There are much better, though more expensive, rifles that would serve that need much better.

    I find that with a 5 shot limit, I tend to slow down, concentrate on the basics and shoot better than I do with a removable magazine semi-auto rifle. (It is just too much fun to waste ammo with a semi)
  9. therewolf

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    The benefit of the internal mag is the payoff here.

    Nothing to snag in the weeds. Remember, the 7.62X54R

    has the approximate ballistics of a 30-06, so how many

    shots do you need? Reloading, even without stripper

    clips is a fast, simple process, anyway. You're only

    pushing in 5 rounds (or less).

    I've found folks at the range who brag their Mosin's as good,

    if not better, than most bolt actions. It certainly out-shoots me.
  10. neilage66

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    Trapdoor Springfield = 1 round
    Krag = 5 rounds
    03 Springfield = 5 rounds
    M1 Garand = 8 rounds

    My point?

    American men went to war with 8 round or less capacity for nigh on 100 years. If it was good enough for them in war, then it should be good enough for us on the rifle range or in the hunting woods.

    With that being said, there is no substitute for firepower. ;)
  11. remi514

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    To be honest 5 rounds is not limiting at all in hunting situations you will likely only get one shot off.