Mosin Nagant tactiacl tri-rail gizmo mount

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    UTG MNT-MNTR01 Mosin Nagant Tactical Tri-Rail [LEA-MNT-MNTR01] - $29.95 : Area 51 Tactical, 334 375-7153
    I guess the new big thing is a red dot sight on your sniper rifle. Laser sights are second to that.

    My only question is... "Does this attach to the sniper mount or what?" I personally would like to put a scope and then maybe a laser sight just for fun on it, but I seriously can't think of anything else that would be cool with a bolt action sniper rifle, can you?
    In any case, that's pretty awesome. I guess since there are so many of them they thought that money could be made off of a tactical mount.
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    you have to remove your rear sight.i had a regular scout mount and it looks like that mounts the will need to get a long eye relief scope to use it like,pistol scope long.