mosin nagant sniper?

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    i have aquired a mosin nagant sniper rifle with the scope and scope covers do i know if the scope is post world war or during wartime? all the serial numbers match...except the bottom part of "clip" its not rlly a clip but i dont know how else to describe it
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    It would be best if you could post some close-up pictures.


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    wartime scopes are rare as most of the glass wasnt very good at the time and severly fogged over. you can tell by the date on the scope most post war scopes were refurbished in the late 50's to early 70's it neither adds or detracts from the value.

    close up pics of the text on the scope would help. true snipers all have a "CN" stamp on the receiver around the ishvek or tula emblem stamp.

    whatever you do do not re-align the scope so the post is verticle when te rifle is verticle. doing this will completely mess up the windage/elevation dials. the proper use is to cant the rifle left/right while shooting to make the post verticle. the ruskie armories knew theiir sht. i could go into details why it is that way but it can be found in other posts on this subject ive done :)
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    oh thank you very much ill try to get pictures as soon as i can