Mosin Nagant recoil comparison

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by AFerree, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. AFerree

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    I have been looking for my first rifle and considering the Mosin Negant but I have heard that it's recoil is like an angry mule. How is its recoil compared to a 20 gauge shotgun with no recoil pad and buckshot? And has anybody shot it with any kind of recoil pad?
  2. primer1

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    It's not that bad. If you have to, get a slip on recoil pad.

    That said, for a first rifle I would wrongly recommend a .22 for cheap practice. If you think a .22 is a toy or kids gun, get on YouTube and find the guy shooting a beef roast at 300 yards.

  3. Rick1967

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    The Mosin is a lot of rifle for a first timer. I am a big advocate of the 22lr. Everyone should own one of their own. As far as recoil goes...the mosin is similar to a 30-06. However, most 30-06 rifles that you buy today have a nice rubber recoil pad on them. The butt of a Mosin is metal. I dont mind recoil. But I put a slip on recoil pad on mine. If I shot it the way it was I would bruise up my shoulder after about 20 rounds or so. Didn't really bother me much. But just plain freaked out my wife when she saw me take my shirt off.
  4. c3shooter

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    Shotguns tend to have a stiff push. The recoil from a M-N is NOT a mankiller- compare it to some of the BIG game cartridges.

    A slip on recoil pad will help- so will a jacket, and pulling the rifle in TIGHT to the shoulder. Firing from a bench is punishing- standing or kneeling, your body can give with the recoil.
  5. jonnyb1

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    Its not bad but is much more than a 20g. When i first got mine i went and shot 70 rounds right away and was fine but after going to the range a few days ago i shot about 250 rounds my shoulder is still a little sore. It was just to much fun to stop shooting lol. They are great rifles i was hitting a head size target at 300 yards 8/10 times with just the open sights.:D
  6. msup752

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    I was a bit concerned about the recoil. I put an ATI stock on my Mosin when I got it. I would put the recoil as harder than my 8mm Mauser but lighter than my Benelli 12g.