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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by BigDT, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Santa brought me my first Mosin Nagant M91/30 made in 1943, never issued. I spent all Christmas night cleaning the cosmelan so I could shoot it. I got to the range today, loaded up the clip, and tried to cycled my first round into the chamber and found a problem, the bolt wouldn't close. At that point I figured I had a head-spacing problem. So I decided to take a closer look, and found out my extractor won't move. I removed the extractor and reassembled my gun, and I was able to close the the bolt with a round in the chamber. So I guess my extractor has issues.
    Has anyone else had this problem? what did you do? Could someone post a picture of their extractor installed in the bolt and removed. Thanks in advance.
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    Disassemble the bolt and thoroughly clean it. I soaked mine in kerosene and blew it dry then lightly oiled it. Then take a 20 guage bore brush on a drill and attack the chamber vigerously. If you are using corrosive ammo, clean the bore, and the bolt with boiling water as soon as possible after shooting. Warning: do not try any of the easy trigger fixes.

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    I usually soak all the parts in Mineral spirits. Cosmoline raises hell w/ springs, especially when it is cold out or the Cosmo is really old. Com-blok Cosmo is more like wax.

    Now for the 1943 and never issued part....BS. The Soviets were fighting for their lives at that point. It has been arsenal refinished post war, which is not a bad thing at all.
    Boiling water is the best stuff for corrosive ammo. I've never had the dreaded sticky bolt on any of my 91/30's or M44's.
    BigDT, you should tell us where you are from. Maybe someone is local and will help you. It also is nice to shoot w/ folks w/ similar interests.
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    I Dissambled the bolt and all the action and soaked it in acetone, Acetone also works very well in cleaning after shooting corrosive ammo. I waited 4 hours once after using corrosive ammo and I recommend just buying non corrosive, Its really not worth it unless you want to corrode your riflings.
    It cost 5 bucks for 20 surplus corrosive rounds here, they sell non-corrosive barnaulls 20 round boxes for 10$. I just pay the extra 5 bucks.
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    Acetone does not desolve the salt left behind from corrosive ammo. Boiling water does. I have shot Thousands of rounds of corrosive ammo w/ no ill effects to any firearm using boiling water. I pay $69.00 for 440 rounds of 7.62x54r. You pay .50 a round, I pay .15. The OP still has an issue not related to ammo..
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    Sounds like more cleaning is the solution!

    My M91/30 1943 Mosin had its share of cosmoline..."but, I have never heard
    of it causing that problem"! I purchased my first one in may 2010 & after a
    very good cleaning It works perfectly & shoots groups of 1.750" or better @
    100 yards!:D