Mosin Nagant Modification

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by Funnelrider, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Funnelrider

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    I have an idea to take 12" off the length of my barrel. Is this safe for one thing? If it has been done before, how will it affect the accuracy? Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? The reason I wish to do this is I am disabled and my upper body is a lot weaker than before my accident, so I am looking to reduce the weight when I shoulder and aim my rifle. I would appreciate any and all input, Help, and or tips/suggestions. Thank you and God Bless America!
  2. Hectocotylus

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    Knock yourself out. Just make sure you are within legal limits and make sure to recrown the muzzle. Otherwise your accuracy will be crap.

  3. trip286

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    Considering your particular situation...
    As mentioned, make sure it's within legal limits and recrown that barrel when your done. You may also want to look into an ATI synthetic stock. While you can chop off the wood, no one wants an ugly gun.

    Have you considered a different rifle? I know many people who hunt deer with a .245 and .22-250 with great success. These can be had in smaller, lightweight youth versions, and the recoil is very much more forgiving than a lightened and shortened Mosin.
  4. Werminator

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    I took on a project like you are describing here... I wanted a true Jeff cooper scout concept rifle but didn't have a ton of cheddar to throw at it... I lopped off around 9 or 10 inches to get the overall length below one meter long... I put it in an ati stock and scout mounted a scope... Haven't successfully sighted in yet but it sure was a fun project... Only 2 criteria I missed in coopers original concept... No open sights and weight is a bit heavier than he originally prescribed...
  5. c3shooter

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    To comply with Federal law, barrel length must be at LEAST 16 inches. Would suggest that rather than attempt this, you find a M44 M/N. You will find with a shorter barrel the noise and muzzle flash are....impressive.

  6. zaitsev44

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    +1 on this! iraqveteran8888 has a video on how to do all of this and then some.
    Here's the link