Mosin Nagant m91/30

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    I have a question. I'm pretty new to working on and modifying my weapons and I would like to know how to increase the accuracy of my m91/30 mosin, while still keeping it iron sighs. Any comments and information would be appreciated.
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    ASSUMING that you have a good bore, there are a couple of things to look at.
    Start with the crown of the muzzle, and the last inch of the muzzle. If the crown has been dinged, dented, or molested, it can have a disproportionate effect on accuracy. Cure is to recrown. This can be done by a smith- or minor dings can be done by you with a round headed brass bolt, a drill, and some lapping compound. The last inch of the bore is sometimes found with very worn rifling- from cleaning rod abuse. A THOROUGH cleaning with a good solvent may help get you some depth back with the rifling (crud sitting in the bottom of the grooves) but for severe wear, it is either counterbore the muzzle (see gunsmith) or rebarrel.

    The sights could be better- and further apart. That may not be something you want to fix if you want to keep original configuration.

    Two things you CAN work on- reducing lock time, and improving the rather crude trigger. This is a link to a lot of info on these rifles- look at the articles over on the right side. Enjoy- Collecting and Shooting the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 - HISTORY

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    The Finns had it down to a science. I have a 1938 Izhevsk that really looks like it was captured at the arsenal. It still has all of its' original metal and wood, accept it is really accurate, Finn stained, and double SA stamped. The front sight post is the only visible modification, it was stretched and the rear flattened. My 1942 Izhevsk 91/30 PU is very close. Next is a 1935 Tula Hex. I have a 1953 Hungarian M44 that is a sweet shooter and I've never extended the bayonet. Each has its' own personality and once you get use to it, they are fine shooters. I like old clunky 2 stage triggers.
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    Take a look at one of these Mojo sights. They just replace the original rear sight and require no special skills or tools. I put one on my 91/59 and it worked great.

    Link: Mosin Nagant at Mojo Sighting Systems
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    First check accuracy on the range, on paper, the corrections are to be made on the front sight, like on most soviet designs, there is a tool for that ask, just Google it to find it.

    Most rifles sights are OK though, I have 5 and never had to adjust anything, the only thing I did to my sights is to put some phosphorescent from, it helps on the range, especially with dim lights