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Mosin Nagant M44

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Suggestions on where to find one, I've looked online for a few days now and can't find one. I've found some 91/30s in stores around me, but I want the carbine length. Thanks guys!
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Several folks have the Chinese version, the T-53, which is identical to the M-44. J&G has them for $129.00. I also saw some CIA M-44s in one of the flyers in the last week, but I can't recall which one. Liberty Tree Collectors has a couple of '44s listed and an M-38, they are nice but a little pricey for me.
gun shows probly have a few. i got mine from a friend
I want it because it's inexpensive, and I like carbine length.
its really fun to shoot. very entertaining to watch the muzzle flash..
I might just get a 91/30 and a box of bulk ammo.
The M44 is a bit more when compared to the 91/30
The Chinese Type 53 is the same gun and a hoot to shoot. I got mine from AIM Surplus, the stock was in pretty rough shape. I'm currently refinishing the stock and in the mean time having some fun with it with modern touches.

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I have a Hungarian M-44 and a 91/59 carbine. I really like the carbines especially the 91/59. If you do find a carbine you like I would get it if I was you. They are getting more expensive and harder to find.
I just purchased a French MAS 36 from a friend for $300. He wanted to part with it because he was going to buy Christmas presents for his family!

Has the Chinese carbines and the Russian long rifles. Check 'em out.
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