Mosin-Nagant Hex recievers

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    Happy that the bulk of my C&R collection has fair representation of MOST of the more common types of military rifles and some of the pistols. Seems like anything I begin to collect may start out reasonable but ends up expensive. This is the reason I never took up golf. It is expensive to start and then goes up from there. Guess I have enough money pits.

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    I hear you! I just got my Hex last month from AIM for $139 so I was kind of surprised by the price.

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    But $199 might seem like a good price once the supply from Russia dries up.
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    I paid $200 for mine in '08. It did come with a case, sling, and 240 rounds of non-corrosive 203gr soft point ammo though.
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    Darn. Hate to see the price going up. I paid $100 out the door for a '34 hex.
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    The first two Mosin-Nagants I bought, a short four years ago, were both Hex receivers from J&G. The hex rifles were $89.00, the round were $79.00. While I still believe that $200.00 is a fair price to pay for a high quality, arsenal refurbished, center-fire rifle, with a lot of history, I am glad I came into to market at that time.

    If I never bought another Mosin-Nagant, I would still have a very nice representation of all of the common rifles, and many of the uncommon ones. I can sit back and watch the value of my humble collection grow and pick up "deals" as they come along.

    The T-53s are still a great deal. If you aren't buying as many as you can afford at $120.00 or less, you will be very sorry later.

    When I croak, my wife will have a ball cashing these rifles in on Gunbroker.

    Gun and ammo buyers have brought, on themselves, the huge spikes in prices and shortages of products. We have demonstrated to the sellers what we are willing to pay for their products. They have no incentive to hold down prices, and they will not. It shows you the dividends of unfounded knee-jerk reactions to fear. Prices of evrything is up, and we have only ourselves to blame.

    It is obvious to most of us now that severe restrictions to the ability to purchase, own and shoot firearms is NOT going to happen. It was obvious to some of us, before the panic, that such legislation could not pass. Look at who profited from the panic and you will see why you were lead down the primrose path. If you are looking for someone to blame, blame the NRA and the gun lobby. They are rolling in our dough.

    We have been had!
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