Mosin Nagant Barrel Question

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by bo08, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Hey fellas, I have a mosin nagant and the person before me had the bright idea to mill out the inside of the barrel im guessing for purpose of making a silencer? This was about an inch down the barrel. I believed this would mess up my accuracy because after i would fire a shot the rifle seemed to jump to the left or right. Would this be because after the bullet left the rifiling it was hitting the milled out larger portion of the barrel before completely exiting the barrel? I think its possible what do you guys think? And also, if this is true is it safe to cut off the milled out portion of the barrel without taking a safety risk? I know it would be damage to barrel but that is alright as long as i have no interference of my shot
  2. JonM

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    Your rifle has been counter bored in orderer to restore some accuracy from excessive muzzle erosion. Means your particular barrel has been shot a lot. Might be a wash between the cost of having that section cut and recrowned as opposed to buying a new rifle. Mosins arent that pricey.

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    Just buy another at $90.00 and sell the parts off on the old one.
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    As Jon said, it is counter bored. Most of the time the crown, rifling was damaged/ worn by a steel cleaning rod. The "jump" is usually caused by the shooter attempting to compensate for anticipated recoil. One of my best 91/30 shooters was one that I had built years ago, before they were common. It was counter bored.