Mosin Nagant 922r Compliance

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  1. JayCody

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    I was reading up on 922r compliance and from what I understand, If a firearm is not intended for "sporting Purposes" and is not made in the U.S.A. It must be 922r compliant. Since Mosin Nagant rifles have a bayonet lug would this mean that Mosin Nagants are subject to 922r if they are not C&R Eligible? for example, I have a mosin nagant and If I were to replace the stock with a sythetic one the Rifle would now no longer be considered a c&r firearm and doesnt meet 922r requirments.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. JonM

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    the idiotic 922r only applies to semi-auto rifles and shotguns.

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    Yep- what he said-

    Title 18 Chapter 44 Section 922(r) of the United States Code, defined further by Title 27 Part 478.39 of the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), ambiguously restricts semiautomatic rifles and shotguns to no more 10 imported parts from a list of 20 parts.