Mosin Nagant 91/30 Project

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  1. ManInBlack83

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    I'm going to start this thread and update with pics as I go. About three weeks ago I picked up a 91/30 from my local FFL. I wasn't really looking to buy one, but he's done a lot of transfers for me so I wanted to throw a little business his way to say thanks.

    Here are the "before" pics:


    Here's the plan:

    -Boyds Pepper Laminate Sporter stock
    -Devcon 10110 for three point bedding
    -Scope base, hex action screws, aluminum pillars, and bent bolt handle body from
    Rock Solid Industries
    -Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad
    -Leupold PRW steel rings
    -Leupold VX-II 3-9x40mm

    Reasons why I'm doing this:

    -Rifle has a great bore, shiny with crisp rifling. Could pass for brand new.
    - Just had ankle surgery and am bored out of my mind. I'm going to be laid up for about 6-7 weeks with my right leg in a cast.

    Wish me luck, I will update thread as I go. Can't do much until stock arrives from Boyds. I ordered it 4/25 and there's a max lead time of six weeks.
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  2. dunerunner

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    Sounds like a great project, I can't wait to follow your progress. I hope the ankle heals quickly.

  3. stalkingbear

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    Looks like you've found a great way to pass the time while your ankle heals. You'll have a good shooter when you get done too. Gook luck on the healing.
  4. dog2000tj

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    Who does your nails? ;)

    Nice little project you got there, looking forward to hearing more about it :)
  5. TXWolf23

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    Back during the time of WW2, the Russians made loads of these rifles, more than any other country that fought in the war. The reason for this is because of their tactics for war, which also caused them to have more casualties than the Axis Powers.

    The point of this notion is that this rifle can be found more easily than any other rifle from that era, and since there easy to find, the price on them is pretty low as well. I'd like to get this rifle myself, add a scope on it, and use it for future hunting. However there's only one thing I'd like to know. What type of ammunition was used for this gun? And can it be found in the US?
  6. ManInBlack83

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    The caliber is 7.62x54R, "R" standing for rimmed. It packs a little bit more punch than the .308 Win or 7.62x51. Surplus ammunition is plentiful and cheap, but corrosive and not terribly accurate. Not a big deal if you have good cleaning habits and are lookin to just plink. I got 880 rounds in sealed spam cans for 150.00.

    Brown Bear, Silver Bear, Wolf, Federal, Remington, Tulammo and Ulyanovsk make some that is non-corrosive. Those are just off the top of my head.
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  7. wmille01

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    Nice nails btw, the best thing about the rifle is it's so simple you can almost fix them in the field (exp major things).
  8. ManInBlack83

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    I'll be sure to thank my lovely assistant and relay the compliments.

    That is the first thing you notice about the Nagant, the simplicity and very few parts. Between the price and the simplicity, if your looking for a good project piece this is it.

    Even the bolt design allows you to adjust the amount the firing pin protrudes. I assume this is to adjust for wear. It truly is a fine example of a combat piece.
    This however could be an issue for all the Elmer Fudds out there that have no idea what they're doing. Not enough and you will get light or no contact with the primer. Too much.....primer gets pierced and you get a face full of gas. BE SURE TO USE THE TOOL THAT COMES WITH THE RIFLE WHEN YOU REASSEMBLE THE BOLT.

    Hopefully I get the new stock sooner than later, I'm dying to get started.
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  9. Twnorman

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    what year was it built? anything before 1945 i wouldn't put that much work into it...i have a 42, and it's in such a great shape that i wouldn't dream of touching it. cheers
  10. Boyerracing343

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    Sounds like a great build. Looking forward to seeing more photos.
  11. Twnorman

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    How are you going to bed the rifle?
  12. ManInBlack83

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    For the bedding, I'll be inletting the stock (if Boyd's ever decides to ship it!!!) and using Devcon Plastic Steel Putty in the action area all the way up to just before the barrel starts to taper. I'll also be installing aluminum pillars as well.

    Pictured below:

    Brownell's Release Agent
    Aluminum Pillars
    Scope Base
    Action Screws
    Bolt Assembly with new Bolt Body


    Well ladies and gentleman, we're all set. All I need is the new stock from Boyd's and we can let the games begin. I get my cast off my right leg tomorrow, so I'll be able to get around easier.
  13. Rex in OTZ

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    ATI scope mount.

    I had one these mounted on my tomato stake project, all I started with was a barreld receiver and that was it that mount is two very large 10x32 machine screw holes in the top the receiver, the mount is solid and you have to pat attention to screw protrusion into the receiver causing bolt interference, I was able to file off a threads worth to get necessary clearance.

    Im attaching a link to surpluserifles sporterizing site hope this helps if anything else this is fun site to look at once in awhile for ideas.
    Surplusrifle Forum • View forum - Sporterizing

    Pictured below is my scoped Mosin, It started off as a very rough parts gun with zero collectability so the decision to return it to original condition was out the question was cheaper to go this way. love the way it handles and points, and though Ive never had my sh*t together to get her on a target it seems awefully accurate to me as it will shredd a beer can at 98 paces useing Bear 208gr hunting ammo off hand.

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  14. jeanp1948

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    Mosin-Nagant 91/30

    Just bought one from for $99 and free shipping! I buy from them all the time. Bought several firearms over the years at real good prices for good guns! Will keep it original as I do all my WW2 Mausers, Enfields, and Mosins.

  15. relichound

    relichound New Member

    only thing about tearing into a relic is dont do it with matching part numberd mosins ,, you kill their history. while they are plentifull the matching serials arent, it is your rifle of corse but just be aware and please research before so you dont kill its value to collecters ,, theirs so many that its practical to buy another if you got one that matches. ,,,,
    but in any case im excited to se the results the 7.62x54r is a strong round and i plan to get a few more and sporterise one that dosent have matching parts
  16. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    I just got my Mosey, a 91/30 M44 with matching SNs.(I've been told it's not

    that hard to get matching SNs)

    Apparently, it had never been fired since factory testing. After wiping

    off the better part of a quart of Cosmoline, I was pleased to find it

    only had minor blemishes.

    It's great fun to shoot, and very accurate, given it's a carbine.
  17. chuckusaret

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    Sounds like a great project. I have enjoyed reworking several 91/30's, a 1930 and a 1936 hex receivers with matching numbers. Great for plinking if you have a recoil pad otherwise they are tough on the shoulder......
  18. trip286

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    I'll throw in my 2 cents and experience.... I have a 1938 Tula arsenal 91/30, that I paid a pretty penny for because of the condition (hardware looks great, stock is in battle condition, but I later discovered it has pits in the grooves, and I mean a lot.) I paid 150 for it, which is a lot for a mosin, but for the condition and all matching numbers, I'm happy. plus it makes a cheap deer rifle. I've looked up the ballistics in the past,and I believe IIRC new factory ammo is on par with 30.06 NOT .308. And IIRC, because of a better BC the 7.62x54r exceeds the performance of the 30.06 at the more extreme ranges because it loses less velocity over these distances (i.e. >500 yards). And as for surplus ammo, and it's accuracy and power? I picked up 60 rounds at a gun show for a total of 11 bucks; this ammo (brand and maker unknown, no markings on case head) shot minute of beer can at 100 yards. just to make sure it would put a round in the vicinity of where I was aiming, my first shot was at a pine tree stump freshly cut, about 16 inches diameter. The bullet passed all the way through. I've been sold ever since, and I think everyone should have one.
  19. ManInBlack83

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    Ok, stock finally showed up. Required some minor fitting. So far I've fit and installed the Decelerator recoil pad and filed out the notch in the stock for the bolt handle. All I have left is the inletting, bedding, aluminum pillar installation and drill, tap and install the scope base.
  20. Gojubrian

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    Looks good!