Mosin–Nagant, Fun to Shoot?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Redleg, May 30, 2012.

  1. Redleg

    Redleg New Member

    I have a chance to pick up a decent Mosin–Nagant for $150. I inspected the barrel and the rifling looks good. The overall condition looks all right. Sling carrier never installed. This gun was made in 1944 in the USSR by Tula.

    My question is somewhat banal -- are these guns fun to shoot? I would not expect to get groups like I get with my Ruger SR556E, but can you hit stuff with it? Zaitsev killed a lot of Nazis with one of these, right?
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  2. silverado113

    silverado113 New Member

    They actually hold some pretty nice groups in my experience. YMMV.

  3. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    Mine shoots great. Not like my AR. But they are different guns. I only paid $99 for mine at Cabelas. $150 sounds a little high. But your not talking about a huge diference. I would pick it up if I was you. You might try to haggle a little though.
  4. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Fun is in the shoulder of the shooter. :eek:

    Probably one of the most prolific service rifles....ever! 1891 to present.

    approx 37,000,000 built

    It has seen some action:

    Boxer Rebellion
    Russo-Japanese War
    World War I
    Finnish Civil War
    Russian Revolution (1917)
    Russian Civil War
    Polish-Soviet War
    Turkish War of Independence
    Chinese Civil War
    Spanish Civil War
    Second Sino-Japanese War
    Winter War
    Continuation War
    World War II
    Great Patriotic War
    First Indochina War
    Korean War
    Cuban Revolution
    Yemeni Civil War
    Vietnam War
    Laotian Civil War
    Cambodian Civil War
    Cambodian–Vietnamese War
    Thai–Laotian Border War
    Afghan civil war
    Soviet War in Afghanistan
    Yugoslav Wars
    First Chechen War
    Second Chechen War
    War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
    Iraq War
  5. kytowboater

    kytowboater Active Member

    They are a blast to shoot.
  6. flyspooky

    flyspooky New Member

    Mine (x3...1928 Soviet Tula 91/30 1937 Soviet Izhevsk 91/30, 1898 Imperial Tula 91) shoot pretty well and are a lot of fun. If you look around, you should be able to do better than $150. Mine were $79, $98, and $110, respectively.
  7. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    If you are talking $150.00 OTD then it is not badly out of line. But if you have to add tax, tag, and title to that, the rifle is overpriced. I fully believe that these rifles are worth that price, but you can buy one from one of many online sellers for under $100.00.

    I really enjoy shooting them, and ammo is very inexpensive if you buy in bulk. Since I am a tightwad, the cheap shooting is a big draw.
  8. vincent

    vincent New Member

    Hells yeah they're fun to shoot!! The bulk ammo isn't quite as accurate as the new factory stuff...more accurate than I am...but you just can't go wrong considering the price of the bulk...$70-$85 for 440. It's got a nifty kick to it and when the day is over, you know you've shot it! :D
  9. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    I went to the range with my first Mosin wondering the exact same thing.

    I was resigned to shooting a mag, cleaning, and storing it.

    I'm so glad I brought extra bullets. I shot that rifle all afternoon.
  10. Capybara

    Capybara New Member

    $150.00 seems high unless the rifle is pretty clean and pristine. I just bought a 91/30 from Big 5 for $99.00 on sale and other than a little bit of gouging on the buttstock, this thing is clean.

    Mosins are very fun to shoot, really loud, big fireball, especially on the carbines. How can you not respect a weapon that killed Nazis? ;-) The kick isn't too bad but you always put a rubber buttpad on it to soften the push.
  11. SSGN_Doc

    SSGN_Doc Well-Known Member

    Check out some of the videos on youtube by Nutnfancy regarding the Mosin Nagant. Looks like they had a blast with them running them through some practical shooting drills. But don't watch if you are a surplus gun purist. They put a scout mount on in place of the rear sight and added a red dot sight, and duracoated the whole rifle in OD green.
  12. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    For $150, ask for some ammo to go with it. I paid $160, got all accessories except ammo pouches, and a can of ammo. Rifle, sling, collars, cleaning kit, oiler bottle, bayonet, 440 rounds of Milsurp ammo.
  13. 7.62 Man

    7.62 Man New Member

    Mosin Nagant M44s are a blast to shoot if you find some Czech white tipped 7.62x54r & find some younger kids shooting .22s at the range.
    [​IMG]This is what the ammo looks like in a PSL mag.
    Then set right down at the space to the right of them so your body hides the size of your gun. Keep it covered until they get into shooting then load a round in the chamber & quickly take aim and fire. BOOM!:eek:
    This round only has a 44.8gr projectile and a full load of powder the projectile is way out the end of the barrel before all of the powder burns. This will give you a very large muzzle blast & a loud BOOM with very little recoil.
    The look on there faces was PRICELESS!:eek:
    It was a good thing that I only loaded one round because I was laughing so hard I almost dropped the gun.:D
    After that I had to make it up to them by letting them pop off a few rounds.