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    Embarrassingly I must confess that my new Px4 Storm has been sitting in the safe since Christmas. But I was restless today so I said to myself "what the hell it's only 17deg outside why not go to the range and get acquainted with your girl?" :rolleyes: So that is exactly what I did. I grabbed my range bag, 100rds of ammo, some targets and headed forth into the frozen tundra. It turned out o be a very pleasant wintery afternoon ... clear skies, sunny and NO wind!

    When i got the range oddly I found that I was the only one there. :confused: So I grabbed my tape measure out of the Jeep, headed over to the pistol pit and marked off 3 shooting distances ... 9', 15' and 21'. Next I loaded up the 2 magazines, 9 and 10rd respectively (they came with the pistol), and started off at the 9' distance.

    I was pleasantly surprised at the recoil of this pistol. Having shot my friends H&K.40 a few times at the range I was expecting a lot more out my 45. Not so with the Beretta, and I felt very comfortable handling the recoil and sighting my shots. So I fired off 85rds at the 3 different distances to get a feel for the pistol, my stance, grip, breathing and sighting.

    At this point I have to say I did find it a little uncomfortable trying to sight my shots with 1 eye closed. At the 9' distance I felt I was very accurate and with both eyes open. But at the further distances, 15' and 21', not so much. At the 21' distance I did have to close 1 eye and really concentrate on my follow up shots.

    Aside from my issues with sighting the pistol functioned flawlessly - not 1 FTF, FTE or jam. Another thing I realized was that I need a mag loader and more magazines. Having to stop and reload magazines in 17deg weather sucks! :( So here are some pics of my 1st date with my new girl - Berretta Px4 Storm type F .45cal pistol, enjoy. (and no lewd comments about my girl!)

    the Pistol Pit at Hale Mountain,

    the equipment,

    So for the last 15rds I shot 5 shot groups at the 3 distances. Here are the results,

    target set at 9',

    target set at 15',

    target set at 21',

    I hope you all enjoyed the this post as much as I enjoyed shooting my new Beretta. ;)
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    Nice (and welcome to the "Not Fair Weather Shooter's Organization")
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    Yeah it was pretty cold, I was out there about 2hrs. I don't mind and could stay out all day, it's just having to remove the gloves for loading the mags and changing the targets kind of sucked. :eek: I didn't mind wearing the gloves either while shooting, I figured I should practice under real world conditions - I have to wear gloves about 4 months a year. But obviously trigger feel is greatly reduced.

    A couple things I did notice is that towards the end of the day, about the last 3 mags or so, I started to flinch on the first shot. Is there a specific training method to work on this or do I just keep shooting until I overcome it? Also in regards to sighting what is recommended - 1 eye or 2 eyes open?