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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by FernandoTheCommando, Jul 17, 2014.

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    So, I'm kind of psyched and wanted to share this. One of the nicer private ranges in my state just started accepting new members without needing a sponsor. What's particularly great is that this range (and this is rare in my tri state area) has a 200yd rifle range, 50yd outdoor pistol range, 25 yd indoor range, 9 trap fields, skeet, 6 steel plate pits, a falling steel challenge twice a month, archery range with 3d targets, trout ponds, and a nice club house. Im getting my bci check soon and applying. This is great because normally I've had to drive a state over to some indoor range that is full of jerks that work there and is only 25 yds. All the other ranges in my state are private and so small that you have to almost be grandfathered in by a former/current club member. I cannot wait to have a place where I can shoot regularly and shoot a 200yd rifle range! I was getting really sick of sighting my rifles in at 25 yds. Hopefully I can get a range report now on the walther ppq I bought and try out the new stock on my mini!
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    Good for you. I am currently shooting at an indoor range with a 100 yard max. We're building a second home up on the mountains so I have been checking out a couple ranges up there. There appears to be several ranges with distances out to 300 yards for a very reasonable fee. I am so psyched.

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