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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by jdgreen72, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. jdgreen72

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    my hunting partner with whom i am going to wyoming this elk season told me my .280 would be a "vitals only" rifle, which is fine with me, I always shoot vitals, but what would my other options be? maybe someting to stick through the shoulders, or is he just saying i should be careful to not hit shoulder bone? I know with whitetail deer i've never worried about where the bones were at, and never wished i woulda, what caliber would I need to not worry about the shoulder bones of an elk? kinda seems to me like bones that big would deflect any bullet, any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. hunter Joe

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    I don't care how big of a cannon you use, if you don't put it in the vitals, your probably going to be tracking it. Anytime you have to track an animal over 40 yards you stand of chance of losing the blood trail and turning the animal into carrion for other predators. Ballistically, the .280 should do a fine job with the right bullet selection and good shot placement.

    This is just my opinion and does not reflect the overall views of this forum, believe me. Joe

  3. cpttango30

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    Sounds like your friend prescribes to the I got a magnum there for I can just shot the animal and it will die right there line of thinking. A 280 will make a fine elk gun I would make sure to use a good bullet like the Hornady GMX, or one along that line.
  4. 270 win

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    The 280 will be fine for elk. This year i shot my bull with a 270, i was using cheap winchester super x's, 150gr. One shot was all tht was needed
  5. Jeehs

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    Really It's not a Matter of breaking through the bone, Just to avoid that as a factor, Avoid Firing into the Shoulder bone unless you really HAVE too.
  6. Wambli

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    Is there any other kind???

    I must have missed the day in Hunters Ed when they discussed the rifles that kill cleanly when you DON'T shoot the vitals... ;)

    A properly constructed bullet will punch through anything that need punching through just fine.... No kevlar in the anatomy of any game animal in North America...
  7. Missileman

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    Listen to Wambli--he is right on. I've gotten clean kills with a .243 on elk, while others have lost animals with a 338 Win Mag. As with any game animal, hit it in the vitals, or wait until you have a shot where you can. The 280 Rem is a GREAT round for elk, one of my all-time favorite all-around cartridges, also one of the best mountain goat/mule deer rounds out there. Good luck!
  8. jdgreen72

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    thanks guys, sorry took me so long to get back on here, I've been very busy at work, (thank god, finally). I finally got to shoot my 280, only been able to shoot 50 yards but just threw a 4x30 on it off my m-loader shot 5 times and had it in a 1" group. after shooting it just a few times, i've the confidence in the rifle to kill an elk, mulie, white tail, etc. actually now thinking about moving to wyoming, so i'll be able to show my wife what country really is. and get some cool new hunting.
  9. 375shooter

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    I think you will be fine for even shoulder shots provided your bullets are heavy and stout enough. Bullets such as Barnes TSX, Swift A-Frame, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, etc. in 160gr or 175gr will surely get the job done.
  10. stalkingbear

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    The other shot he was referring to is a high shoulder shot. IF executed properly it'll take out the spine and instantly drop them. A high shoulder shot will immobilize an elk even if the spine is missed, but usually will require a followup shot. It DOES waste meat however. Like the others said, your .280 will have no problem cleanly taking elk with a tough, heavy constructed bullet-even high shoulder shots or neck shots.