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I tried to copy but could not.

The gun I so recently posted about is on You Tube. I entered "Sig Sauer". I went to the "related Videos" panel and scrolled down to "World Handguns." The title come up on screen as "The Godfather's Handguns" and the counter at the bottom of the video shows "02:22" where I paused the video.

The gun shown is apparently a .38/.357 caliber. From the still, which shows the gun broken open, it is obvious that the frame, trigger guard, and grips are integral, and of gray colored polymer. The grips are textured with small bumps. The hammer appears to be of beavertail style, and the gun is double action. The barrel and cylinder appear to be blued steel, and the extractor is shown at rest. The barrel appears to be about 4", with a solid, full length rib, and a full length under lug. There is a small Baughman type front sight, and visible near the muzzle is the marking "LLP-412" or maybe "UP-414".

There is no explanation nor narration of the video to identify the gun. For some reason the gun just looks as if it might be French, but that's only my guess.

Except for being of modern materials and shape, there is nothing new nor innovative about the gun, appears to be 1880s design.


Bob Wright
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