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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Bob Wright, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Bob Wright

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    O.K. While on the subject of gun boo-boos in the movies, how about the old myth concerning the firing squad, the one that goes "one rifle is loaded with a blank so no one knows who fires the fatal shots?"

    A blank round produces no recoil, so every shooter knows if he in fact fires a live round or not. Same with any observer, no muzzle flip from the blank.

    Bob Wright
  2. robocop10mm

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    They may well have done this at some point but such a policy was likely enacted by REMF's that had not shot a rifle in years. They may have wanted to sound like they cared for the poor rifleman and his psyche. The reality was the rifleman knew the difference. The beginnings of the liberal agenda creeping into the military. We want this guy dead but we don't want anybody to feel too bad about it.

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    If he needs to be dead I will do it. I have no problems clearing space for more productive people. Me I would like to send a few of them suicide bombers into a few prisons and take care of them all.

    All this touchy feely crap of we can fix them. is a load of liberal BS. If a man or women touches a child in the wrong way they need to die. If you kill someone you die, if you are making or selling drugs then you need to die. If you get caught driving drunk then you never should drive again. Driving is a privlage not a damn right.

    I agree with my man Charlie Daniels find a tall tree and a short piece of rope or tie them to a stump in the swamp. Swift harsh punishment is what is needed. Shoot gang violance Round them up put them in the desert with all the weapons and ammo they want and let them fight till the death then when the last few are standing victorious pick them of with a 50cal from 2000 yards out. I have 0 uses for worthless o2 wasting scum.

    Sorry about that. Never thought about the blank. I would think that cranking in 5 moa windage to some of the rifles would fix that problem and still allow everyone to fire live rounds.
  4. opaww

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    Ever see the no recoil on most movie guns?
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    The variation I heard was that only one round was live. Another was that three out of ten had live rounds. This varies from country to country.

    I'm trying to figure out how to apply for the State Executioner gig, myself. I have skills, I'm not a people person (the one job where that's a plus), and am willing to work holidays and weekends, as well as overtime, if needed.