More is better????

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by NvRbanArms, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. NvRbanArms

    NvRbanArms New Member

    Do you think it's better to have one gun that your great with or multiple that you are good with. Handguns only. I'm trying to debate whether it's better to have more than two handguns. What do u guys think.
  2. northhike

    northhike New Member

    You can never have too many guns.....come on that's Guns 101. ;). I kind of put them in these classifications:

    1- Lets try something new.....who knows maybe I will be great with it
    2- Must own because every else does......such as .22, 45, 9mm, 357
    3- If the SHTF guns
    4- Somthing mama will shoot
    5- Hunting
    6- Ugh Ugh....this is a real mans gun...,,45, 357, 44mag
    7- CC gun
    8- Long range gun? can run but not far enough
    9- Nostagic or sentimental guns.....something grandpa gave you or tied to a war like a 1911
    10- Tactical/ High Tech guns.....lasers, lights, cameras, action!
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  3. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    It all depends. Probably one gun that your great with but different guns have different uses. You can't hunt ducks with a .357 magnum. You can't do an adequate job of home defense with a .22. You can't conceal carry an AR15 and you can't kill a bear with a .380. So, I think it's good to be 'great' with a self defense/home defense gun but a variety of guns will give you versatility in use.
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  4. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    As Northhike said, no such thing as too many. However, I'm very fond of an old saying....

    Beware the man with one gun. He probably knows how to use it.
  5. Marlinman

    Marlinman New Member

    Ya unless that man is you;) just kiddin trip. Id have to say it would depend on the usage in mind. If sd-the gun you know best and are most comfy w. If hunting-same. If target shootin-what ever you feel like blowin holes w.

    God didnt make all men equal colonel Sam Colt did
  6. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    Beware of the man with just one gun.He's probabally real good with it. That being said firearms are an addiction and I am powerless over it. If I had 500 I'd want one more. As it stands I have around 25 and I'm eyeballing a couple right now! I shoot all but one of them. The one I don't was my Dads and it's really old and not in the best of shape. So I just clean it now and then and enjoy the memories.

    So get as many as you want and shot them all you can! If you don't then a puppy will be kicked:eek:. And I would not like that on my conscience.:(
  7. Paladin201

    Paladin201 New Member

    I think that for CCW or other defense use, you should have one gun that you are very used to and comfortable with. You should train with that gun until using it is instinctive. Beyond that, the sky is the limit. I have guns that I've bought for no reason than I wanted to own one. And shoot them all the time. But when it comes time to go out and about, I holster one gun. I know people who choose their carry gun like their shirts. Every day they decide which one to put on. And I think that's a mistake.
  8. vincent

    vincent New Member

    When it comes to guns and ammo, more is ALWAYS better! I see no reason why you can't be great with ALL your guns...:cool:

    Perfect practice makes perfect...
  9. TheOldMan

    TheOldMan New Member

    68 guns and counting... A third of which (I think) are handguns. Everything from .22 to 500 S&W Magnum. :D

    No such thing as too many IMO.
  10. sassipantz

    sassipantz New Member

    Gotta agree! 50 and counting here 6 of which are handguns. Every one of them serves a special purpose depending on what your doing.
  11. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    i think if you are going to own it, use it and get good with it. if you have one that you really like but are not as good with as you would like to be, then this is a good reason for more practice with it. if you're not good with it, and it holds no family or sentimental attachment, then get rid of it and find something else that suits you better. i have a deep fondness for 1911's and have owned many over the years, but i am not near as good with them as i am with other pistols i own or have owned. i am also a better shot with full size revolvers than my semi auto pistols. i expect many others fall into the same situation as i do.
  12. Thebiker

    Thebiker New Member

    I own a variety of handguns, different guns, different purposes.:)

    Out of that there are 3 that I routinely use for CC: a Sig P226, Sig P239 and a full size STI 1911. I am at the range at least once every week and I shoot all 3 every time.
    The one I shoot best? The 1911 but only marginally, I would not want to be on the receiving end of any of them. At 7 yards nothing outside the 8 ring, the 1911 is mostly in the 9 or X. No bragging, I see people that outshoot me every time at the range. But I keep working at it.

    I used to shoot with a Gunny, talk about humbling.

    My advice, regularly shoot everything you might carry and shoot them enough to have confidence in them and you have no worries. JMHO
  13. ZeusEcho

    ZeusEcho Member Lifetime Supporter

    Sound advise here!
  14. BlueTurf

    BlueTurf New Member

    I think a person should be familiar and proficient with all of their firearms. By this I do not mean become an expert with the firearm, just be able to use it properly. This proficiency best comes with the correct information and instruction, familiarization and practice. I have a friend who went out and bought his first handgun when Obama got elected. He bought a Glock in .40 caliber. He also bought a nice Bushmaster AR-15 at the same time. He has taken his guns out of their cases a few times to show them to his friends but he has yet to fire either one. I told him as it stands now his guns would do him little good if he needed them. He has never shot a handgun or a semi-auto rifle and he is in his late 40s. If one chooses to have a firearm to use for self-defense, hunting, recreation, etc., I feel they owe it to themselves to do what it takes to ensure they are able to properly and effectively use it. I might add that I am talking about firearms a person intends to shoot, not collector guns to only be stored or displayed.
  15. JD1969

    JD1969 New Member

    I like having a ton of choices, but if I HAD to have just one handgun it would be my 1911 .45. I shoot it best, I like the feel, parts are everywhere and it is a big enough round for most tasks. However, I don't have to own just one so I choose to have some .22's, a 9mm some rifles and shotguns and some black powder stuff. This is supposed to be fun afterall.