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A couple of days ago in San Francisco a man was arrested after police were called with reports that he was harassing neighbors.
This was a near Golden Gate Park. Apparently he had been living in his Jeep.
After police searched his car they found a shotgun and a handgun, 6000 rounds of ammunition, several knives and some drugs (which turned out to be a small amount of marijuana).
He had been detained previously and released. Police didn't search his vehicle at that time.
They also found a list with several politicians names on it.
This is the kind of stuff that gives gun-control people something to gripe about.
It's funny, at one point I would've thought 6000 rounds of ammunition was excessive.
Now that I've been shooting a few times a week and going through a couple hundred rounds each time, it really doesn't seem like that much.
Especially if you can get a good deal by buying in bulk.
Evidently this guy saying he was just a hobbyist and is no longer into the hobby and was just hanging onto his old stuff.
The media then gets wind of it and comes in makes it sound like this guy was going to be a mass murderer.
I don't know what can be done about this kind of situation.
I just wish the media would wait before they glorify this kind of story.
They just love to scare people.
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