More about .223 & 5.56 than you ever thought to ask.

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    In my wandering around the web seeking enlightenment toward a good balance between ammunition, rifle & marksperson (of which only the first two are variable, I’m stuck with the third I’m afraid) I stumbled across the;

    ‘History and Basic Design of the .223 and 5.56 ammunition’.

    It is a lightly written, very through, 53 page pdf download about more than you every thought to ask:

    It goes into purpose, choices, barrels, effects, legal and other issues. It might take a short while to down load. If you just want to bookmark the website, here is the link to the first page:

    There are different ‘Chapters’ listed on the left side column.

    It is very well done and credit should go to Troy Tiscareno, Tatjana von E & Derek F.

    I’m posting it here instead of ‘Ammunition’ because it refers mostly to use in AR 15s.

    Maybe it should be stickied?
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