The Montie Gear Ultralight Knife is a testament to utility and simplicity. Coming in at just three inches, the blade is versatile in a way larger knives strive for. With its tanto tip and skeletal composition it manages to stay light while still being able to cover tougher uses.

Although this knife may not be suited for your every day carry needs, at 3.7 ounces it's easy to carry, and the addition of the inventive belt clip makes it that much more apt to be carried. I wish more providers were using these types of systems, and if there's a top selling point, it's that. As a lefty, I see too many products that do not offer ambidextrous options. Sure the knife can be used ambidextrously, but having a right handed only mount prevents me from being able to conveniently access a knife when I need it. This knife does away with that by allowing you to customize the positioning and placement.

As a larger man, I find things are uncomfortable when placed on a belt, especially if I am already carrying something like a firearm. Always poking and prodding; they seem to be more trouble than they are worth. Being able to place this knife on a pack, suspenders, or even just being able to position it properly on a belt means there is no reason to not take this knife everywhere you go.


The only issue I had was securing the knife back into the sheath when it was placed on the small of my back. Not being able to see where I'm placing it left me cautious, which when out on the trail, would defeat the simplicity aspect of this design.

Montie Gear also offers blade replacement and sharpening services, which tells me that they care very much about the consumer. An oddity considering the current run on all things weapon related has caused a diminishing value on all things customer service related.

It checks out at $249.95 (+10 for the paracord wrap). If you're in the market for an ultralight knife, this offering can't be beat. I look forward to seeing what else comes from Montie Roland and his crew. If this is any example of the craftsmanship and compassion from the company, I look forward to dealing with them for years to come.