Montana Competitors?

Discussion in 'Montana Gun Forum' started by Bidah, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Bidah

    Bidah New Member

    So, for the awesome number of Montanan's in this forum, do any of you compete? Regularly?

    I mostly do USPSA and 3 Gun right now, and have done High Power in the past. Nothing like getting out and enjoying the use of your firearms.

  2. LeMat

    LeMat New Member

    Back in '03 I started up the Bigfork Buscaderos SASS affiliated club here in Bigfork. I was also match director for the local IDPA club and shot USPSA. Did all that until about '08 and just burned out horribly.

    I've shot maybe half a dozen IDPA matches since then. Have recently taken up Hi Power and like the pace much more. ;)

    Anymore, I enjoy shooting single actions and load development.