Montana AG: Public Records Requests Create "Chilling Effect

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Bigcountry02, Aug 10, 2013.

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  2. JTJ

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    I like that LA law. Send them to jail.

  3. RJMercer

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    It's only fitting that the AP reporters got a taste of their own recklessness. After that NY paper published the names and addresses of permit holders on an interactive map I say it's only fair that reporters that ask for permit holder information have their lives posted on an interactive website.
    One day the left will realize that turnabout is fair play.
  4. 1911love

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    You can't as a private citizen go down to the DMV and ask for driver license recoeds. Why should anyone other than LEOs involved in an active investigation have access to CWP records? I can't think of one legitimate reason, just a bunch of anti-gun anti-rights reasons.
  5. rjd3282

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    Why don't we publish the addresses of all the people who don't own guns? Wonder how they would like that? The bad guys would know who the easy marks are. Watch how fast they become owners.
  6. S-101hat

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    It would just be the same thing if we published everybody that didn't own a gun and there location. Just look at the houses that are not marked it would be a good spot to find a gun.
  7. kbd512

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    Since the liberals are so proud of the fact that they don't own guns, think it's ok to display the names of gun owners for all the world to see, and don't want to associate with law abiding gun owners, put up some "This House Proudly Gun Free" signs on your lawn so all of us law abiding gun owners can stay the hell away from you. I, for one, would avoid houses with that sign like the plague.

    A media outlet harassed another media outlet. If some people in the media want to publish the names of gun owners, fine. Since some other people in the media decided to publish the names of other members of the media, fine. It's their first amendment right to publish public records and last time I checked your name and address are not private, whether you own a gun or not. Publishing the name and address of a member of the media does nothing to impede their ability to report information to the public, so if you think you have a "right" to publish the names and addresses of gun owners, I got "news" for ya, it works both ways.