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Molded holster for M9A1

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Hi guys,

Im over here in a more proper forum seeking help. Ive decided on buying an M9A1 for concealed carry and range fun. I know, its bulky and unethical almost, but Im going to make it work.

My problem is finding a good injection molded holster for it... I have found a good IWB holster, but I want a good injection molded holster. Any suggestions?

Also, if you know of a good IWB holster for the 90two I would appreciate the help! Thanks.

Best Regards,

Cason Farmer
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Fellow Okie David Elderton's company "Kytac" makes a very good holster. You can check his stuff out at He makes belt, IWB, and pocket holsters in molded kydex for revolvers and autos. They are quality products with features like polished edges and tension screws instead of rivets.

Another excellent choice would be a Blackhawk SERPA CQC Holster, like the one shown below. I have this holster for a Glock, and can recommend it highly. I was a skeptic about the SERPA retention device until the first time I tried it. It is very intuitive and works well.

Good luck with your search.

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I have a DeSantis holster for my 90two and it fits great, also it is very comfortable to wear. The Blackhawk SERPA will not work with the 90two and I’m assuming that it will not work with the M9A1 either due to the accessory rails. I have not been able to find a plastic holster that I liked for these guns. Maybe in time Blackhawk will make a SERPA holster.
I have a few different holsters. The Serpa I like on my body armor, the push release is awasome and retention is just fine, now when you carry it on your belt, whole new story. It sucks, the way it attaches to your belt it will have play between your hip and the gun. When you walk it will rise up and down every time you take a step and slam against your side, very annoying and very visible when you trying to conceal it under a shirt. It will also stick out, unless you like shirts that hang doen to your knees, it will not work because the barrel will stick out from under your shirt. I have one from Uncle sam, Kydex, same exact problem, only it retains by pressure caused by the tension screw and rubber bushing. Safariland, have one to, it is fine for tactical application, very durable, you can nock someone out with it, crush their scull and then put it back on and it will work just fine. They make a belt attaching platform, same problem as the other ones, it will stick out a lot. I have safariland leh holster in tan color with molly attaching plate for your body armor for sale , brand new if you interested. It is I would say the best along with serpa holster available for the price. The best concealed holster for every day carry would be a Galco leather holster. They sit high on your hip which is good because of the 4.9 inch long barrel and extremely long slide. They are not plastic but the leather is extrmely hard and once you breake it in, it works likea charm, also it has thumb-break release. they make some that do not have releases, the stiff leather is shaped and keps shape so when you reholster your weapon it is easy and you never miss because the holster collapsed after you presented your weapon. That is just my opinion, I am sure there is plenty other ideas outhere I have not tryed and maybe would like. Good luck.
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I have 2 serpa holster that fit my M9A1, 92 series is the same exact frame is it not just civilian model, right? Try Diamondback website, they have them all.
i've been looking for one to. that accesory rail tends to be a deal breaker when it comes to holsters and its even worse if you want an accesory on your accesory rail.
thats why i think ill just get a smaller gun and keep th m9a1 for range fun.
keep me updated on what you find though
Unless the M9A1 has changed in the past couple of years it is not the “exact” same frame as the 92. Shown below is both the M9A1,not to be confused with the M9, and the 92.


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Since the 92 is similar to the 96, I have to assume the 92A1 is similar to my 96A1... and with that said. The Blackhawk Serpa holsters will NOT fit the 92A1.

Here is a picture I made for a previous thread when I made my very same search.

The sharp edges of the rail along the bottom keep the sidearm from seating in the holster.
In yellow is the standard 96 (same frame as the 92).
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I personally prefer a Cordura holster, as they are more accepting than molded ones.. I have never been a fan of the molded ones, that is more of tacticool in my book..

I'm carrying a Blackhawk Serpa model right now, and I have loved it on this deployment. I redeploy to FT Hood in 77 days, and you can just have this one when I get home. Seriously, it's yours - I'll mail it to ya if you can wait until the end of September. And if you feel like cleaning all the sand out of the nooks and crannies, of course...

Not too expensive, either, if you choose to get a new one on your own.

Still have this? I'd love to have it for my m9a1 since I'm regular blackhawk doesn't fit the a1
I do. I actually have 2, one for my IOTV and one for my belt.

I redeploy in 73 days, send me a note and an address and I'll send one each to both of you.
Just in case one of the others don't get in touch with you, I would happily pay for the product or the shipping!
Sending a PM
Malice - got your note, but can't reply. Your inbox is full. Will be in touch in around 73 days... ;)
heh I reached my maximum of 5 messages in my inbox.. I've pruned old messages and we're all set again =D

Sorry about this. Was replying to another theread and it posted here!

M9A1 is different than any other Beretta

Just so I can help out those who don't know (and don't get mad at me if you already do, I'm just trying to clear it up because it can be confusing), the M9A1 is completely different than any other Beretta. I'll explain..

The M9A1 has a picatinny rail, squared trigger guard, and lower reciever impressions. This is the difference just from the standard M9. The 92FS is a completely different gun. So much that it is made in Italy and the M9(A1) is made in the U.S.

In order to find a molded holster, you will need to get one that specifically fits the M9A1. I know for most of the officers that carry them on their hip, they actually have just M9 hips and they chip away or file down the area where the rail sits and it fits just fine.

If you have something on the rail, like a light or laser, it will not fit in any molded or most soft (even universal) holsters. I hip mine very rarely but when I do, I use a universal medium size pistol holder that does just fine. But for those looking for a hard molded (tacticool) hip, there are some companies making them now, like Blackhawk.

Hope I helped out some few. :D

Just in case, these models Beretta makes are all completely different guns all in their own way, sometimes only little differences:

Then the two obvious ones:
PX4 Storm
CX4 Storm
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Hope you have a dremmal tool

The Blackhawk Sepra holster for the glock 22($49US) can be addapted. However i had to do some serious filing on the inside to accomadate the rail. It slides really well now.
After that your ONLY choice is finding another holster to adapt or shelling out the cash for a custom job. There is just way to much R&D required for the creation of the holster. especially since berretta seems hell bent on the M9 for the millitary and the X&P for the Police departments.

Personally i beleive the Texas rangers said it best. I want alont of amunition and to be able to use it as a club if i run out. :)
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