Moe handguard vs rev fortis

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by jord1985, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. jord1985

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    Hey guys quick question just want some feedback.
    I'm doing a build for my dad (his first AR ever) and I'm stuck between putting a moe handguard on or plunking down some extra coin and putting a nice rev fortis rail on for him. This is by no means a budget build but I'm also not going all out as it is his first AR and doesn't know what he wants/likes. Upper currently has standard handguards on it.

    Current setup
    PSA m4 upper with FN CHF 1:7 14.7in a2pinned carbine gas barrel
    Spikes lower with PSA LPK and QMS trigger
    Spikes billet trigger guard
    BCM medium latch ch
    M16 BCG
    Troy flip up battle sight (rear)
    Moe + grip
    Ace m4 socom stock

    As you can see I upgraded a few things (certainly didn't skimp on anything )

    Things to consider.

    -will be used as a range toy / SHTF rifle
    -his first AR but he does own pistols I'm just not sure a FF rail will really help someone of his skill with accuracy or not.
    -the attachments he wants can easily be put on the handguards with magpul rail sections.
    -the rail will be tougher to install because of the FSP it will need to be taken off where as the handguards can be installed with much less work.

    Also if anyone's got magpul carbine length moe handguards that are looking for a good home. or a good deal on the rev fortis carbine cutout shoot me a PM :D
  2. AgentTikki

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    I vote 12" Fortis Rev over a low pro gas block and buis. What brand carrier did you get?

  3. jord1985

    jord1985 New Member

    Just a no name from aim surplus it's 9620 not 158 carp but it's shot peened /staked /MPI I put it up against my spikes bolt there's no difference I can tell other than a missing spider.

    Id do the low pro gas block with 12 fortis but he's gonna be shooting irons for the first few months to get a handle on it. No reason to gut the FSP
  4. hoovco

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    Go rev fortis. It's a nice rail. The 12" on a 14.5 barrel looks really nice and gives you a longer sight radius.