Modifying a Bushmaster Bullpup

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Krammermedic, Oct 1, 2009.

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    Ok... So I know that the Bushmaster M17S is not the most popular bullpup out there but I'm trying to turn mine into something better than what the factory put out.

    what i am doing is, first and foremost, finding a way to simultaneously provide myself with usable iron sight and bring the level at which my ACOG clone sits down about an inch and a half.

    I've read that the factory iron sights are only supposed to be effective out to 25 yards and personal experience tells me that this is an over- estimation. (they are GARBAGE)

    My solution to that was this:
    I was planning on buying the top rail of a G36C (or at least that basic model of gun) and having that replace what sits on top of the bull pup now. (obviously I will also have to come up with an answer for a new charging handle but that's not what we are talking about) The rail that I have found (online) has iron signs built onto it.

    so the question here is this:

    Would it be possible to attach one of these rails to the weapon or is it an odd enough shape that it would be too impractical?

    I realize that this means that there needs to be someone out there who is familiar with both the weapon and the part that I am referring to but I can hope right?

    Also if anyone out there has any better ideas I'm open>

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    There was a guy advertising this kind of work on the web. I do not recall the name of his outfit. Found it- Kurts Kustom Firearms. I do not know if he is still in business though. He made rails and folding charging handles.

    I used to have one of these (regret selling it but that is what happens in divorces). Most have enough threads to install an M-16 flash hider or muzzle brake. Take off the two slotted nuts and the stupid over barrel sleeve and screw on the FH. The end cap of the receiver can be omitted or secured with a small set screw like I had.

  3. Krammermedic

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    yeah I have one of those cool looking Smith industries Vortex flash hiders on there right now (what I found it with)... before its all said and done there is a particular flash hider/ suppressor combination that I'm gonna try to set it up with as far as that goes...

    really im just thinking should i spend $170 on a rail/ sighting system that might not be add-able to my piece