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    a few years back i bought a webley in 38 s&w. liked the idea of a top break pistol and wanted a shooter so the repo schofields was not a option. 38s&w in my area was becoming harder and harder to find . oh sure i could order it on-line but that would mean i had faith in the gov't not being able to access any on-line firearm related transaction so on line wasn't an option. then it dawned on me the wacky brits called the webley ammo 380/200 . after a few calculations and a caliper check . i went on to complete my project . convert a webley to shoot 380acp . well it works. the moon clips had to cut out from spring steel and it gave me a few headaches but i was able to incorperate the moon clips into the oringinal extraction system. i'm not sure it a one of a kind but i do get alot of comments when i pull this thing out at the range