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    well i figured this was the best place to post this and ask there any special type of foam or material i should use...i wanna find something i can put in this case and cut the shapes of the guns out so it'll hold the guns in place...any ideas? advice? comments? lol :) this is what i have at the moment

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    Try a craft shop...Like Hobby Lobby or something...I have some custom cases in the works and they pretty much have everything you need for cheap

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    I'm glad you asked this.

    I'd like to ask your help, and give you an opportunity to help the forum, as well.

    A member, smarter and better looking than I, brought these to my attention.. - Home

    I don't have one yet, but the concept is you slide this into a standard military ammo can, which can be had for $4 to $7 bucks.

    Instant waterproof, indestructible case.

    Further, Cheaper than Dirt offers an Ammo Can locking system.

    If you go this route, I'd like you to post a review. It helps this place, as this is a product not alot of people are aware of.

    Give it some thought.