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Moderator said introduction, so here goes

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I'm 48, been shooting for 35 years. I'm a reloader and a collector. I target shoot quite a bit, but between my arthritis and degeberative disc/osteoporosis, I haven't been hunting in years. I'm a lifetime NRA member, and I support the NRA/ILA as much as possible. I fully believe that the 2nd amendment is the most important in the bill of rights - by far, and I absolutely don't mind being considered a single-issue voter. ANY politician voting against 2nd amendment/gun rights doesn't deserve the vote of any American. Far too many good people have died defending our constitution to have some ill-advised politician try to take it all away. Katrina was a travesty of the highest degree, and Chief Ray Nagin should be jailed. If anyone reading this doesn't know what happened, look it up. It's sickening, taking away the means of law abiding citizens to defend themselves exactly when they needed it the most. NO excuse for that in this country - EVER.
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Welcome Billy - I whole heartedly agree with your statements and would like to take punishment of "mayor" Ray Nagin a tad step further. If there was a way to put that SOB UNDER the jail, I would go for that option. Hell, I would take time out of my schedule to help dig the hole.

I think you will find this a good site, filled with generous knowledge and good people who are like minded.

I look forward to reading some of your posts.

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