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    Hey y'all,

    This might sound kind of dumb, but I'm asking it anyway! haha.
    I was looking on some web sites and looking for what I want in a new gun. Long story short, I don't know what all the numbers in the model numbers and stuff mean. I was looking on the Savage arms website by the way. I don't know what all the numbers in the model number and all that stuff mean. Anyone want to help me out to figure out how to look through all the listings of guns quicker? haha. If you could kind of break it down that would be great!

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    I understand, Savage has so many different models out that it's confusing to me too. Since I only work on/repair/build firearms & don't sell them, I don't have to worry about keeping up with all the different flavors of the Savage bolt action variations of the 110 type.

    If the number is 2 digits (10,12,14), that means short action, 3 digit numbers mean long action (110,111,112,114,116). Other than that I'm lost except SS means stainless steel, XP3 means package gun, L means left hand. I'd advise against package rifles as they have cheap scopes mounted. It's MUCH better to buy a decent scope separately & mount it/have it mounted.

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    Model 10 and 12 are more varmint/precision rifles with options of laminate, synthetic or HS precision stocks stainless or blue fluted barrels single shots repeaters and left por right bolt configurations. Might be better to post what you are looking for in a rifle so we can point you in the right direction as to which one will be best for you.

    Are you hunting, shooting varmints or shooting for group and or score?
    Do you want the accu trigger or just a regular trigger?
    Laminate, wood or plastic?
    Single shot or repeater? If repeater detachable mag or internal?
    What Caliber?