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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by shortbolt, Nov 29, 2010.

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    Well after long research and thought, not to mention input from members here and other forums, looks like My Model 70 gets the nod for the rebuild instead of my Model 7. Being new to reloading I wasnt sure whether or not my short action 7 or long action model 70 was gonna fit the bill for a .257 BoB barrel. I'll be using 100grain E-Tip bullets or 100 grain Barnes TSX. NOW TO DESIDE on barrel length. I do like a shorter, lighter gun because of hunting from thickets to pipelines. SO now the pondering will commence on either :

    20 inch barrel ??

    21 inch barrel ??

    or the standard 22 inch barrel ??

    Donno why, but building a gun is (seems) harder than finding a good woman. Jury still out on that and I'll leave THAT one up to someone else. Unless of course one of yall have mastered that whole "Weird Science" thing on building a woman.
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    What is the longest barrel you can wield? Longer the better in most cases but no need to over extented. 24" is a good all around barrel length, good consistant velocity and little barrel jump.

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    20" is all the rage now. Not sure why. I guess it is that short barrels are stiffer than longer barrels stuff.

    I prefer a 22" to 24" barrel on a hunting rifle.