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I have a model 12 12 gauge ser # 120750.It has a black diamond imprint on the foreend but not the stock. The receiver has engravings (etchings?). There is a gold emblem on the bottom of the stock that appears to have Roman type lettering. I think I can make out the letter B.Could it be someones initials? The emblem is oval in shape.Both the foreend and stock have checkering. The stock and fore end appear to have been refinished.

Barrel is a 28 inch full choke with no ribbing on the barrel. There is no indication of the grade of gun etched under the serial #. The barrel is quite shiny and black(reblued?). The receiver is almost silver in color.

Can anyone tell me what grade of gun I have, Tournament., Black Diamond, standard,etc? The foreend and stock have been cracked and repaired.
From my little research it appears there has been some accessorizing. Someone repaired the stock with a piece of gold material with plugs in it.

I know it's difficult to give a questimate of value, but could someone give me a ball park estimate of it's worth.
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