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Model 1 sales.

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Anyone with experience with these guys? Got my lower before the panic and working on finishing up my build. I had big thoughts but now my focus is just on finishing.
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Really no thoughts? I was hoping for a little input good or bad.
Well looking at their site, unimpressive specs vs. price. Compare them to PSA.
I have bought stuff from them, I gave them money and they shipped the stuff I ordered. Simple-
Thanks. I bought the lower about a month ago and am pretty sure that Santa ( the wife) is bringing the parts to finish that. Think I may just go the cheap route to be safe until the madness stops.
I used them many years ago when ther weren't a lot of choices around. I have no complaints from th estuff I got back then. There are more choices of places that offer higher quality parts in the same price range. But, of course, they are not secrets, so alot of those places are getting tapped out with the panic.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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