Mo-Rod Clamp Locations?

Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by Snakedriver, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Snakedriver

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    After reading on another unnamed website about the effects of the Limbsaver Barrel Deresonator on the accuracy of the Mini-14, I wondered if anyone has played with the location of the clamps of their Mo-Rod (or other strut) on their Mini? :confused:

    Apparently, small changes in the locations can make a big difference in the accuracy once the sweet spot on the barrel is located. :)
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  2. KMO

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    This is interesting...Snakedriver, you can be my research & development director on this experiment (unfortunately, an unpaid position at The rear clamp really does need to be back against the gas block though, especially on the tapered barrel Mini's. I'n anxious to know how you discover that "sweet spot" for the front clamp...;)