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  1. BigIron2312

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    Hey, everyone! I'm having some problems renewing my Florida CCW permit.
    My local SO won't do my finger prints for several reasons, from "how can you have a Florida permit if you've never been a Florida resident" to "if you are a resident of Missouri you must have a Missouri permit" and "after you've been a Missouri resident for X days you must obtain Missouri drivers license and CCW permits work the same way" and lastly "we can't take your prints until we have a certificate from an official Missouri CCW instructor."
    Now, I know all of this is BS, and I tried to explain to the ladies at the SO, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm typing this with clean fingers.
    I do have a friend that is a deputy at said SO, and I've emailed him the Highway Patrol websites page containing the relevant information, but unfortunately, he is no more informed about OOS permits than the folks at the SO, so I'm not sure if I'm gonna get any help from there.
    I've been trying to find the Mo state code on the matter, but can't find anything but resident eligibility and licensing.
    If I can't convince the local SO, what suggestions do y'all have?
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    Some states will not recognize an out of state CCW of a resident if you do not have one from you home state.

    I.E. If you live and reside in Alabama, a Florida CWP cannot be used to carry a concealed weapon in Alabama. You must have the Alabama CWP also.

    Now, to get the fingerprints. Get a blank card and tell them it is for a job.


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    First off - if you're renewing your Florida CCW permit you have a recently exspired Florida CCW permit? If so your prints are on record - Am i missing something?
    Mabe misreading or just not understanding?
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  4. BigIron2312

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    Naw, my permit doesn't expire until April, but it takes eight to ten weeks to get the paperwork done, so...

    Missouri accepts all CCW licenses, whether the permit is resident or nonresident... The problem I was having is, basically, they thought I was stupid. I realized I have a Highway Patrol station just up the road, so I contacted them concerning legalities and such, and they basically laughed at my troubles and told me to come get my prints done so I could renew. Apparently I ain't the first person that has had this trouble up there.
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    Where you at in Mo bro?
  6. willfully armed

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    You need to send the details of your plight to the MO attorney general and let him deal with his moron subordinates.