Mixing and matching revolver ammo, self defense

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site, and a new gun owner. I've got a Smith and Wesson model 640. It's a .38 plus p special, and I use it as my everyday carry. I have several types of ammo, FMJ, jacketed soft points, hollow points, and wad cutters. I am open to armor piercing, tracer rounds, and to "Glasser blue" rounds.

    Here is my question I am seeking opinions on:
    I have 5 rounds to shoot :
    what are best best choices for my first engagement round, #1
    the middle rounds,# 2-3
    and the finishing rounds, #4-5
    in terms of type of round,
    grain and any other specifics. That would be best for self defense and engaging a target, at lets say seven to eight yards.

    Last, I have one speed loader, and one wallet ammo holder (6 rounds), what would everyone recommend I put in those, for my second and third wheels.

    I would like to thank everyone in advance for their input

    Semper Fi
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    Welcome to the FTF! We have an "Introductions" area you may want to visit soon.

    With your 640, you don't need different loads in different chambers. A good hollowpoint with a good track record should do the trick for everything.

    Range practice (and some firearms training) will really help.

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    Alright, thanks, I appreciate the info, and I will definitely check out that. The only reason I was interested in different types of ammo was, I read a page written by a former Los Angles County Sheriff's deputy, and in his model 640, he used something along the lines of maybe, one hollow point, one armor piercing, one hollow point or something weird like that. Just curious of the advantages/disadvantages of doing something like that.

    Also, the Glasser Blue rounds, which from what I understand, get very high reviews, along with minimizing the collateral damage, that goes along with close quarters engagement... Any thoughts?


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    Get a major US ammo maker's self defense load and use those in every chamber and speed loader. If in the event you should ever need to defend yourself, there is just no way to predict what the particular circumstances will be.

    You're going to read many articles by folks who unfortunately may not know what they are talking about. Simply because someone used to be a police officer or sheriff's deputy, does not qualify them as an expert in guns, ammo, or self defense.

    Carrying different loads in a revolver came about in the 1960's, when our ammo choices were very limited. There has been a quantum leap in ammo design in the past 10 years or so, and it is time for some people to get up to speed on what is available.

    My personal preference for my .38 +P J-Frame, is Hornady Critical Defense. Virtually every major US manufacturer of ammo has a specific line of ammo engineered to meet the needs of the concealed carry community. It's a bit more expensive, but what is defending your life worth?

    That's what works for me.. Your mileage may vary.
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    I agree with those above. pick one that works good for you and just use the one kind of ammo. In my Smith I use 115 gr. hollow points. Just my choice you should make your own choice based on what works best for you.
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    I would like to add that just cuz someone is an active leo doesnt mean they automatically know what they are talking about.

    Get yourself some good name brand hollow points designed explicitly for self defense. Gimmicky stuff like safety slugs i wouldnt rely on.

    I switched back to using fmj in my 380acp pistols since its an underpowered round. In my 1911s i use 230grn hp.

    If your recoil sensitive use 38s. If not 158grn hp 357 is a proven sd load.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Now if we were talking a SD semi-auto...mixed ball and hollow point ammo is my preference. :cool:
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    You are WAY over-thinking this one!

    Find the type of ammo that produces the best accuracy with your gun.

    Strategy goes out the window the moment your gun clears leather. If your first shot goes wide what are you going to do? Reload?

    Consistency, and muscle memory is what you MUST have to survive.

    It's not what you send but where it's delivered. - cane

    Now with that said, in my 1911 carry, I load the double tap (first two rounds) with Glaser. Besides the obvious reason they are also proven to penetrate auto windshields and deform much less than JHP's when passing through auto side glass. The remaining mag is loaded with Horandy TAP® FPD™.