Mississippi is #1 LOL

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    10-states-with-the-deadliest-eating-habits: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

    10 States With the Deadliest Eating Habitsby Charles B. Stockdale, Douglas A. McIntyre and Michael B. Sauter

    "Mississippi has the worst eating habits in the country." from the article

    I wonder if those "deadliest catch" and "dirty job" people would do a show here? :p

    Woohooo! We's #1 We's #1

    Yesterday, i had a largish Rigatoni Marinara for lunch and some kind of pasta from a pouch/mix for supper. IIRC, i had one Coca-Cola (regular, not unleaded-no ethanol) and one of those Lipton Citrus Green Tea drinks. I think i only had one of the small Baby Ruth candy bars and four or five of these home-made mini muffins, and about four of the small oranges from Cali, snacks-wise. Not my best day. Tonight will be french fries and oysters and "red velvet" birthday cake (not mine) at the catfish shack, washed down by several glasses of their super sweet tea. Saaaaahlurp!

    edit* forgot the large salad with the Rigatoni dinner.
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    Someone had to be 1st, Congrats :eek:

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    I don't put too much stock in those sorts of polls. But congrats on being Number One 'Gello. You should take a bear to lunch to celebrate. :p

    Tacoma, Wa just got voted the #1 Most Romantic City in America according to Yelp.com

    Now, if you haven't been to Tacoma, let me save you a trip.

    Yes, there is some waterfront that is very nice. Yes, there is a very nice zoo and there are a couple of places to watch a nice sunset.

    If you don't mind the drug dealing, the gang banging, the police sirens and all the signs of economic disaster. :eek:
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    Great food in Miss., Gello
    I work there off and on, every year, and fly into Jackson tomorrow.
    I am already drooling like a hungry dog , thinking about the feast that awaits, and knowing it will be paid for on the company's expense!
    I take no prisoners and will contribute to the #1 status. :D