Miroku 45 cal kentucky rifle rifling Q

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    I could not find a thing about the rifling twist rate of this rifle online anywhere!!! Do any of you smokepole shooters have any idea of the twist rate of this firearms? I shoot it for fun right now on my back property and up to about 50yds with Maxi Hunter 240 grain conicals and its pretty accurate. however, responsibly I would try not to hunt something beyond that without knowing twist rate and the best bullet to use (round or conical). That goes without saying trying powder charges for fore mentioned bullet for the twist of this rifle. I would appreciate any input on this subject. I feel that the round ball will probably be the way to go since these are semi-rare and made in the 70's to 80's when modern muzzleloading was still in its relatively recent up-surgance. But at the same time I do like the conicals especially since I now have several moulds for casting. Again thanks to anyone that has any input on this subject.
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    As the man said- rod with a snug fitting oiled patch. Insert rod all the way. Make a "flag" of tape wrapped around rod AT THE MUZZLE, with little flap sticking out. Note where tape points. Withdraw rod, allowing it to rotate. Note when tape has turned 1/2 turn, mark rod at muzzle. Measure the distance, and double it. (for modern guns, just measure distance for one full turn, rate of twist on muzzleloaders is too slow to measure a full turn, so measure half, and double it).