Minors in a SHTF scenario

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    I am in the financial situation that I cannot afford the things necessary for a SHTF scenario. I also live in the eastern part of the country, but am a good ways away from major cities. Any suggestions for a plan of action? Or how to acquire resources? And what should I do to help my family and I survive together? Also, some policies on contact with others (such as how to determine friendly from hostile, maybe how a younger age will affect the other parties stance in negotiating) I appreciate all feedback and info

    PS. I have no vehicle and VERY limited funds, and please bear in mind I am under 18, so some items I simply cannot buy
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    Canned foods, dried beans, bottled water. What else do you really need? Do you seriously think that the Russians are going to invade?

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    No, I would like to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster or something of that nature, just nice to have a plan. It can't really hurt right? :rolleyes:
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    Start your research and training right now.

    Basic preps don't have to be expensive, they just have to work. Used and surplus items are a good value for the dollar.

    Learn First Aid and stock some basic medical supplies. Don't forget water purifying equipment, at least water purification tablets.

    I don't know if you have a handgun, but get yourself a shotgun, and a .22LR rifle if you don't already have them. They'll feed you as well as protect you.
    Buy a variety of different loads for the shotgun and lay in some bricks of .22LR. It's still pretty cheap, twenty bucks will still buy 500 rounds.

    Have several good knives, not the Rambo kind either. Know how to sharpen them.

    I can go on and on, but it's your job to do your research and figure out what you need and what to do if shtf. There's plenty of information out there.

    Good luck...

  5. bkt

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    It's great that you're thinking of these things, but your parents (or whatever adults you're with) should be pondering these things.

    Are they in a position to stock up on necessary items? Can you give them a compelling argument why they should do these things? Folks here can probably help you build that argument.
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    I agree with BKT, but it is nice to see two younger people on here at least trying to prepare. It is also good to see one of the younger guys encouraging the other. Keep it up guys and welcome to the forum.
    As stated above, get a few good knives, a shotgun, several types of loads for that shotgun, and a 22. Get some books on first aid and survival, learn what you can from them, but keep them handy as a refrence. This is all good advice, and can serve you well in a SHTF secnario. Excuse my spelling today, I am not feeling well, but I did feel it was a good topic to bring up and comment on.
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    Do what I'm doing. A one item per week to your action plan. If you buy a bottle of wine, buy two and store one. So sit down and make a list of what you think you need, how much, what you can afford and act on it. Even if its a can of spam per week, you'll be damn happy you've got it if times get rough!

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    Wal-Mart has a sale on tinfoil wrap . . . for hats. :D
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    F*** off all you comics, I'm an ex-Boy Scout, Scoutmaster.

    If my little guys forgot everything I taught them, they remembered this one thing branded into their little mush-for-brains heads;


    Secondary lessons were; If your piss is yellow, drink more water!

    If you’re hungry, take a drink! (The symptoms for hunger and thirst are the same! That’s why we have FAT thirsty kids today!!)

    I sh1t-canned the training manual and substuted "common sense"!

    I bet at my age I keep in touch with more "Men" that were in my Troop 228 than most (straight) Scoutmasters anywhere! (Sharp stick in the eye intended!)
  10. gorknoids

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    Get yourself some different sizes of Conibear traps, or even leg-hold traps. Conibears are preferable because they kill the animal when they trip. There are different techniques depending on the target animal and the area where you're setting traps, so read up on trapping.
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    The reason older folks don't respect younger ones is that too many younger guys don't deserve respect . You two young guys have prove you aren't a run-of-the mill high-tech ignoramous . Once people see you as individuals instead of part of a spoiled, disrespectful generation, they'll accept you . Watch how you dress, your grooming, who you hang out with, how you carry yourself and your manners . Yeah, they told me that when I was young and I didn't listen, but you can do better than I did .
    It is true that some people have a natural aptitude for mechanics . I don't have it and that lack has pained me all my life .

    Now what were we talking about ? Oh ! Survival on a budget .
    1) Get books from the public library ; have the library order them if need be . That is what one survivalist, Ted Kaszinski ( The Unabomber ) did. Okay, bad example .

    2) Visit the Red Cross site and government sites to get ideas for your disaster kit .

    3) Start with cheap supplies . Bleach, contractor grade trash bags, an old pair of work boots or army combat boots , a vessel ( an empty plastic paint bucket will do ), gallons of bottled water ( rotate every three years ), pasta, beans, canned food . Acquire the more cosly items as you go along.

    4 ) You can check yard sales and auctions for used lanterns and kerosene heaters at dirt cheap prices . Make a low offer .
  12. robocop10mm

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    No, the beano will rob you of a valuable self defense weapon, flame thrower. If he is too young to purchase a firearm might as well have a fire-end!
  13. bkt

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    This thread started out great, but God...what you guys have done to it. :)

    To easterner123, store food that keeps a long time. That includes legumes (split peas, lentils), beans and rice. If there is no fresh water source near you, store water as well. These things are cheap, easy to store, and don't cost a lot.

    You will need to cook these things, so buy a pack of lighters. Obviously, you'll need something to burn for fuel (wood works great) and something in which to cook the food. All these things can be obtained by a minor for relatively little money.

    If you haven't run screaming from this site yet, can you tell us the disposition of your parents? What are their thoughts on this sort of preparation?
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  15. easterner123

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    well, I appreciate all the input. I have a well with a pump operated by electricity, so when we lose power, we lose water too. the generator that the house came with has since been useless so we always have water and a stocked pantry at hand, but no plan AT ALL. They agree that we need more things in say the medical field, but we're good on food. They don't think that its important (respectfully, this might be the one time that have it absolutely incorrect) so the supplies are SLOW in coming, but at least we're started. The ideas are great, please keep them coming!
  16. dunerunner

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    Food, you say you have covered; Water, that is covered; shelter, and I mean emergency shelter (a tent), warm dry clothes and good boots, a field medical kit, a basic weapons platform, a hand ax, a fixed blade and folding knife of good quality, in a hand gun, 9mm; in a rifle either .22, or .223, a 12 Gauge shotgun would be a nice addition to the group. If you have to go mobile, a pack. At this point food and water come back into the equation.

    You will need to produce fire in some manner so give fire starting gear a thought. You will need light weight cooking gear (mess kit). Everyone in the group should have some or all of these ready to go as no one person is going to carry everything. Think out the scenarios, they are endless and just bee prepared.

    If you are in a SHTF situation treat every stranger as a potential threat and keep alert. They may see you as an easy mark for what ever you may have that they want and can be as friendly as your long lost brother. Trust is one of the first things to go out the window when people are desperate.
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  17. Mark F

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    Trust? I wouldn't trust my own brother. Everyone is guilty until proven otherwise.
  18. bkt

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    NO!! Stay put at home.
    You're thinking exactly as you should. If possible -- and it probably will be possible, STAY HOME in a SHTF situation. You home is familiar to you, it offers comfort, and it can provide far, far more resources than you can carry or haul around in a truck.

    If you have the land, time and ability to deal with livestock, that's great. For the rest of us, stocking up on legumes, rice and canned goods is a good option.

    If you have a freshwater source, livestock, a garden, and you're out of the way of the mobs AND you can defend what you have, then you are in a very enviable position. :)

    Side note: It is always prudent to put together a bug-out bag should the situation at home become bad enough that you must leave. Search this forum for suggestions on what to include in a BoB.
  19. Rex in OTZ

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    Makeing do!

    Lay in some dried deer meat and dry it at 160degrees keep bagged in gunny sacks in the rafters of the garage, grow popcorn keeps same way, look for spring wild asparigass, and morril mushrooms, also read up on puffballs there are some you can eat.
    for medicines is google up medicinal uses of everyday plants it would amaze you what a simple looking weed could do for you!
    stinging nettles make a great salid as well as dandilyons
    Mullen plants, fire weed and the dimond leaf willow (new spring leaf sprouts a cup full has more vitamin c than a couple oranges)
    you just have to toon in to whats around you, watching a old eurpopean movie the rural french in the south would trap all sorts of game to eat useing some very basic traps eating sparrows, rodents & such.
    setting trebble hook traps can harvest quite a few critters
    seen a old video of eskimos stringing bushes with strings & trebble hooks in them when a covey of ptarmagin lit theresome would get caught a really neat and "not so labor intensive" method of getting food.
    capturing alaska moose useing a snow noose where upon hooking up one leg they cannot get loose they'll struggl a little then get tired and lay down then you just walk right up and stick em with a spear (.22mag works too).
  20. c3shooter

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    Rex- the ptarmigan is about the only bird that is dumber than a domesticated turkey! IQ seems equal to that of gravel.