Minnesota joins list of communist states??

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    I live in N.Dak., but the cheapest FFL holder I can use is across the Red River in Moorhead,MN. I wanted to order the Smith &Wesson M&P 15-22 P (Pistol) from Cheaper Than Dirt today ($445) and use his license again (a pawn shop, charges $35 per gun, cheapest by far here in Fargo, most are $75 or $100). Today he told me that the 15-22P is in the category of "assault" rifles, even though its a 22 caliber pistol. He then told me he couldn't take my order on anything that looks like an AR-type. Someone in a thread here once said he calls those restricted states "communist states". Has MN joined them, almost have them memorized, NJ, NY, CA, CT and a couple others?? If I lived in MN, then maybe I could buy an AR-type, or not?

    The lead bullet issue in another thread--without reading the proposed law, and if it became law and I think unlikely, would you be ok with the lead ammo you have in storage or would they try to get that from you?

    PS bought the M&P 15-22P this afternoon at The Outdoorsman here in Fargo. $499. Will get it Friday, he's sold several. Can't wait to get it to the range. Have had almost zero misfires/jams with the M&P 22 rifle this summer.
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    I didn't think you could buy any pistol out of state, any state. Long guns OK in most but not pistols.

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    Relax.....Take a deep breath........

    The lead bullet policy the EPA was considerring has been dropped. With respect ot the interference with possession of a fire arm by the State, that is in direct opposition to the 2A! Hopefully the NRA or GOA will litiagate against that.

    I don't care where you buy a gun, be it a pistol or long gun, if you clear the background check; you're good to go!! (At least, theat is the way it should be)
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    i agree with that. im from TN but stationed in CA. i can tell you Tn is probably the most relaxed state as far as gun laws (at least in my opinion). i just bought 2 lowers here in ca and had to wait 10 days for them. 10 days for a stripped lower are you serious! i went home to tn and walked in the store bougt a kimber 1911 45. and a XDM 9mm and walked out 10 mins later with both and about 500 rounds! love my home state!
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    No background check, thats infringing. I might have got cited for public urination in 1972 and now my background isn't satisfactory enough for me to own a firearm (I wasnt born until 1986 but you get my point).
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    Background checks aren't infringement they aren't hard to pass you just don't have to be a felon or have a history of violence. I can personally attest to this. If you had a minor sort of incident such as public urination almost 40 years ago, yes I know its a hypothetical, I seriously doubt that the incident would factor in any way.

    * Just read your little incident with our friends in the gov clip you got my sympathies that really sucks
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