Mini range report and question!

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Dr. Marneaus, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Alright, so I got the guide gun out to the range finally, so I could try to get her dialed in.

    Let me tell you, first of all, I've never shot a rifle of this size before, haha, biggest stuff I've shot is .30-06 and .300 wsm. This is a little different, haha. Also, I've never shot at this distance with iron sights before, so, yeah.

    First time I took her out to the desert and was shooting gallon jugs of water for the hell of it, I was hitting the bottom corner of the jugs every time, at about 50 yards.

    Well, started out at the range, using a rest, and these were my results:

    First try, at 75 yards.


    Ignor the low left and the almost bullseye, those were my buddy aiming at the target in the upper left, haha, but note he was low and right as well...

    Way low and way to the right, but not the tightest group either. Okay, time to get it together. The elevation changes a bit because I was adjusting the sight up during this group. So, it was getting better.

    Next group, put it out to 100 yards. The shot on the far right was my first shot of the group, and was a definite flinch, haha, but at least the elevation has been more correct.


    The group of 3 shots were the next 3, aimed dead center on the target. At least I'm somewhat consistent, and pretty much correct elevation wise

    Shot in the 2nd ring was aimed at the left side of the black circle, so, I guess I gotta tap my sights over a lil.

    That leads me to my next question, how does one move the sight in the dovetail? I know it needs to be tapped a little bit, but what should I use, obviously I don't want to damage anything. Upon closer inspection of the sights tonight I can see that the rear sight is slightly off center, to the right, which would account for this pattern.

    So, suggestions on how to tap it?


    All in all, she's a beaut! I only put 15 rounds through her today, and that was more than enough for my shoulder, haha. But lemmie just say, she's a BLAST to shoot, pun intended.

    Oh and....i shot my buddy's Ruger 17hmr at 75 yards. not too bad if you ask me! I'm kinda falling in love with that caliber now, haha. A lot of fun to shoot, more so than a .22, and some pretty crazy range ability.
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    I have seen more scarred up sights and marred barrels and stocks than I care to admit. There are a few items that work better than a standard punch. A brass punch helps but can still do some damage, if you can find a pvc dowel rod they work good though they are hard to find. Lastly I have had great success using 1/2" wood dowel rod about 6" long. You may break one or two but they are softer than the steel you are trying to move. Next use a sharp pointed majic marked and mark the sight and barrel so You can see how far the sight has moved then rub off marked marks. Move the rear sight in the direction you want the bullet to go or if you are moving the front sight move it in the opposite direction you want the bullet to move. Lastly protect the stock from a miss with the hammer. a heavy piece of leather works well to lay over the stock in case of a miss with the hammer.

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    It's fun to shoot, isn't it? There's nothing else like them. :D