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Mini bluing blues

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I have a 581 mini-14 ranch that is my pride and joy. Sending lots of rounds down range and keeping her in pristine condition does not seem possible at this point.

The bluing is wearing on the bolt and the inner receiver. I have been touching it up with a bluing pen when I clean it. I shoot my mini regularly so I'm not sure that I need to keep this futile effort up.

Should I keep up with this or just reblue it when it gets stored for an extended period?
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Man I gotta say I just think that's a bit retentive. Those are metal on metal moving parts, they're gonna take some wear, it's expected. Shoot it until it looks like high polished chrome before you reblue, otherwise your really wasting your time. Proper cleaning and lubing well prevent rust if that's your concern.

I've decided to never refinish my gun. I like the wear it shows. Several of the angles are already showing bare metal from daily carry. It's a parkerized SA milspec 1911 BTW. I already have a chip in the grip too, along with some blueing worn off of the grip safety.

Honest wear is like honest scars. Take pride in it, I say. IMO, every scratch, ding, chip, and worn silvery spot tells a story. Let it hint at it's stories to your descendents some day.
Since you use it that much don't let the bluing be of any concern. The honest wear, if you really love the gun, gives it character and when looking at it everyone can see the enjoyment you've received by using it. As long as it functions well what more can you ask for? Maintain and store it properly and it should return to you a life time of dependable service. I feel the same way about my old service revolver that I carried for 20 years. I'm even thinking of having S&W engrave it and will give it to my son since it's retired like me and he's required to use autos now.
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i agree, it adds character and personality to the firearm. as long as it's maintained, cleaned and oiled, it will develop that character and have a look like older fine well used firearms from the past. when i see such firearms for sale, i just wonder at the stories it could tell!
Why even reblue a gun? Bluing is one of the poorest finishes. Upgrade to nickel, hard chrome or one of the nitrides if you spend the money for refinishing.
BillDeShivs said:
Why even reblue a gun? Bluing is one of the poorest finishes. Upgrade to nickel, hard chrome or one of the nitrides if you spend the money for refinishing.
Most people, including myself, think that bluing looks the nicest compared to other finishes.
Why even reblue a gun? Bluing is one of the poorest finishes. Upgrade to nickel, hard chrome or one of the nitrides if you spend the money for refinishing.
Most of my guns are blued for the same reason I refinish stocks with Boiled Linseed Oil. Is it the most durable, no. Is it the nicest looking, no.

They are the easiest to fix without professional intervention. Brownells Oxpho Bluing for touchups on metal. Another coat of BLO on the wood if it gets dull.

I guess I will embrace the wear marks with a smile, as I know my mini is well used.

just the way bluing is

this is why i like stainless so much better. and i totally get being a bit anal about your guns, i think taking care of my guns might be the ONLY thing i am anal about. but, i spent alot of money on my guns, and i work hard for my money, so i want to take care of them.

but this wearing is just the way it is with blued guns. :( i say invest the extra 100 per firearm.....go stainless and don't look back. :) the only blued guns i have are guns where stainless was not available.
Maybe just keep it clean and not reblue. Wear means character.
^^^^ this guy knows what's up.
Older, worn, and battle scarred!

The title says it all. I have only bought 2 new guns in the last 20 years. Every scratch, dent, ding,wear mark, and nick tell a story. My mini is a 1994 GB\20 SS that I bought from a friend so he could pay his rent, and feed his kids. The scratch on the heat shield? Forgoten limb on his natural blind during a late night coyote hunt. The ding in the butt plate? A rock on the ground when lowering the unloaded rifle from a tree stand where the rope slipped from his hand 2 feet off the ground. There are more finish imperfections on that rifle than I can count. Overall they say one thing. "I have been used, worked with, and relied upon for years. I will not fail you when you need me the most. Slam me around, I can take it."

Yes my mini is my baby. I adopted her because she is tougher than I am. I will not dishonor the friend who sold it to me by fixing these little imperfections. They are what he and I both love about this rifle. And yes, I did tell him if he ever wants it back, I will sell it back to him for what I paid. Part of me hopes he will stay happy with the range vistation that he currently has, I'm kind of attatched to her.
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