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    I was told that the Mini has very poor accuracy compared to the AR, and that it would cost quite a bit to fix it up. Does anyone know of some of the things that can be done for a modest price, and what kind of enhancement I could expect? And does anyone know of quality high capacity magazines? Also heard most aftermarket Mini 14 mags are subpar. I don't even know of any available for the 6.8mm though. Do they exist? Or would I just be waisting time and money on the Mini, and best to get an AR? I want the gas piston for reliability and less fouling. And I don't have the kind of money for an expensive setup. Feel it would be reasonable to spend a bit as I can afford parts if necessary, and am looking for reasonable accuracy out to 300 yds or so. Also looking for a boattail 130 grn bullet that is short enough to load for hunting. I've heard that can't be done as well due to the OAL.
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    One of the main problems with the Mini is the really thin barrels they've got. I've heard the newer ones are a little better but haven't seen one in person.

    I think you would be better to just get an AR. For the amount of money your gonna spend on buying the Mini and accurizing it, you could just buy an AR.

    And on the gas piston, if your just wanting to hit minute of bad guy or minute of deer at 300 yards, the piston driven AR would be fine, but if your hoping to get sub moa or close to it, you should go with a regular direct gas impingement AR, they're definitely more accurate than the piston, and while they are a somewhat "dirty" system, don't listen to all the hype. I've never had a jam, FTF or FTE of any kind in my AR-15 and only a few(3 or 4) FTE's in my AR-10, and all of them were during the break-in period. With regular maintenance, you should have no problems with the direct gas impingement system. Not to mention the piston-driven ARs are much more expensive.

    Just my .02


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    Up until a few years ago, Ruger subbed out their barrel making. These barrels cost (allegedly) $7. You could not expect much from a $7 barrel. Ruger supposedly makes their own barrels now and are turning out a much better product. IMHO the Mini-14/30 is not a serious carbine. The AR's are far more accurate out of the box and more reliable to boot.

    By the time you buy a Mini, have it accurized and get good magazines, you will probably have spent more than a comparable AR set up.
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    That's what others have told me. But I lost my job just before my daughter was born and have become daddy day care for the time being. So cost is a big issue, and still will be once I am employed again. I know, I know...I need to win the lottery:rolleyes:!!!
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    My brother and I both bought the new 580 series Mini-14's last year. His is in 6.8 SPC and mine is in .223. It is true that the older 180 series had a pencil thin barrel and was not very accurate. The older 180 series I had in the late 1970's would be lucky if you could lay out 4" to 5" groups at 100 yds. The newer 580 series I have in .223, with the thicker barrel and in factory stock configuration, will shoot about 1-1/2"+ at 100 yards and my brothers, in 6.8 SPC will shoot about 1-1/4"+ at 100 yards. Quite and improvement over the older 180 series.

    My brother put a Hogue stock on his and had a trigger job done to it which helped alot and it now groups at about 1" at 100 yards. I put stack plates on the butt of my mini to correct the pull length and had a trigger job done as well. Mine now groups at just a hair over 1-1/4" at 100 yards. The stock on mine is factory wood and I beleive my brothers is shooting tighter due to the Hogue aftermarket stock. I'll be putting a Hogue stock on mine or have it bedded sometime down the road as I believe this will further help in accuracy with mine.

    Still I must say that the AR rifles out of the box will shoot tighter than the mini's and it is true one can spend more money and have their mini shoot as well. As far as reliability goes you can abuse the hell out of the mini (muck, mire, dirt etc..) and it still shoots. The one I had in the late 1970's was severly abused on a regular basis and anthough not very accurate it always would shoot.

    Our mini's came with scope rings and we scoped ours out. I have a Leupold VXI 2-7X33mm and my brother has a Nikkon 3-9X33mm. The biggest biatch I have now with these rifles is the cheesy rear Iron (plastic) sights. I have a project going on, when I have time to dink with it, to cure this cheesy rear sight problem. Until then I'll leave mine scoped.

    That being said I believe the biggest one thing you can do to these rifles is have a good trigger job done if nothing else. The trigger pull on these rifles from the factory is terrible and for around $100.00 they can be worked to pull fairly sweet.
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    I have the Mini-14 NRA edition with the houge stock and must say that she is a gem. I love it, nice thick barrel (only 16.5 on the NRA) and it is so fun to shoot. We went shooting a few weeks ago and I must say (though I'm a newb shooter) that the only thing holding back that rifle as far as accuracy's sake will be me. Only thing that I will complain about is the fact that it flings the brass about thirty feet off to the right. Which is only a problem if you plan on reloading.