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    does anyone have any strong opinions about the mini 14, good or bad. i want to add to my collection, but i like things that are quality and seem to withstand the test of time, anything i buy i plan on keeping forever and passing it down. i realize the mini 14 may not exactly be one of those guns, but i've always liked the looks of it. if your not a fan of the ruger does anyone else have a good idea for something like i'm talking about. i may have not been very clear what i'm looking for but i think you get the idea.
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    The Mini is notorious for becoming inaccurate under sustained fire circumstances. You can accuratize the mini for about $800 + the donated gun. Custom Ruger Mini 14 30 Rifles Accuracy Systems Gunsmith

    You have to ask if it is worth having an accurate Mini14 for $1600 or whether just buying an AR would be better.

    I bought my Mini14 before I knew anything about the rifle and although it is fun to shoot and I like the looks, it is not the accurate (close range carbine) I hoped for.

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    I have had the chance to own two of the mini's. I first one was in the late 1970's, the 180 sereis. This one as it was out of the box was terrible when it came to accuracy. 4+" groups @ 100. This one I sold about 1980. I just bought a new 580 series the end of last year in .223 cal. and my brother bought a new 580 series at near the same time I did in 6.8 SPC. Out of the box with scopes added these mini's shoot groups very close to 1+" @ 100. Quite an improvement over the older 180 series. The first thing the 580 series mini's need right from the start is a good trigger job. The triggers on these from the factory are around 10 lbs. pull weght. Both my brothers and mine are now about 3 lbs. after trigger jobs which makes them much more plesant to shoot and helps with accuracy. The trigger job cost $80.00 at local gunsmith. My mini has the factory wood stock which I had my rifle bedded when I had the trigger job done. My brother bought his mini with the factory synthetic stock which was kind of cheesy IMO and he changed it out to a Hogue stock which worked out extremely well for him. He doesnt feel he has to bed his with this Hogue stock and I tend to agree.

    The major difference between the older 180 series and the newer 580 series mini's is the thickness of the barrels which IMO is what has improved the accuracy of the newer 580 series over the older 180 series. As far as reliablilty goes the Mini 14 is a rugged little rifle and it takes alot to make them fail.
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    The Mini 14 is a good dependable rifle. They used to be called Ranch Rifles and that's what they're best at. A light, handy quick shooting carbine for a shot at a coyote or whatever. They are not tack driving accurate and they aren't designed to be.

    They work extremely well for what they are designed for. The newer models are more accurate and have fewer problems losing accuracy, but they still will do so when they get very hot.

    I had a Law Enforcement, short barreled model and liked it a bunch. Just remember that it's not a target rifle, but a handy fast shooting carbine and it will serve you well for many years.
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    I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one Dunerunner, but as my experience is only with my wife’s duty rifle I will admit it’s from a very narrow scope of experience. Linda has one of Rugers Law Enforcement Mini 14’s. It is stainless steel with the factory Ruger folding stock and shoots like a dream. Linda has carried it for the past 12 years on duty and has never had a problem qualifying or hitting what she is aiming at. I also believe it is a very accurate weapon but maybe it’s just our specific gun.
    Oh, BTW I guess the Mini 14 is now mine as she appropriated my AR for duty use. Here are a few pictures.

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    I dont get why people hate on them so much. People seem to think that every rifle should be the most accurate thing ever and compete with a built AR.

    I owned my mini for a little over a year, and it worked flawlessly. It'll eat ANY ammo you can feed it, and it will go bang every time. It never jams when using ruger mags and it'll never throw a fit for having dust in it.

    It was a blast to shoot, and there are a ton of cheap things you can do to accurize it. bed you own stock, make a home made barrel strut for 25 bucks, etc. It's not some match rifle, it's a lil carbine that'll never fail and will take a beating, you wanna go shoot out past 100 yards, get something else.

    All the nice AR's i see are so pickey and finickey especially about being clean and using the right ammo, you'd never have that issue with a mini. You really need sub 1" groups at 100 yards? You'd hit a human or animal sized target at center mass with absolutely no issues what so ever, and thats what matters...not driving bullets through the same hole.

    its a ranch rifle, its for being outdoors, hanling hard, and being used. Its not some safe queen competition gun.

    That being said, the newer minis are far improved, with the thicket barrel. Couple that with rugers customer service and you cant go wrong.

    I sold mine this past weekend because i am poor and cannot afford to shoot .223 right now. It was my first rifle and i already miss it.

    Take it all with a grain of salt. All I can tell you is that i would NEVER pay full retail for one, they are close to 800 bucks now, which is out of this world
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    First off, this is not a Mini-14 bashing forum and we will not bash the AR here either. If all anyone wants to do is bash the Mini, go to the AR forum and do it there.
    The Mini-14 and the AR platform both have their merits and shortcomings and everyone has their own opinions. With that said, please keep this forum constructive and not destructive.

    I have been working and shooting with the Mini-14 from it's beginning (privately,not with the factory). The Mini, at times has had accuracy issues, but for the most part, the Mini-14 is a great little rifle/carbine for what it was designed for. I still consider it to be one of the best all around small caliber, semi auto rifles anyone could own and it will outlast anyones lifetime. In it's out of the box form, it is ultra reliable, even when neglected and will go bang everytime. It's accuracy is on par with its intended use. It was not designed as a target rifle. The factory did an attempt at a target rifle with the Mini-14T, which was chambered only for the commercial .223 Rem. Round. This rifle is the only Mini-14 that is not designed to fire the Nato 5.56 Ammo.

    There has been a lot of discussion about the differences between the .223 and the 5.56 Nato rounds and a lot of it has been mis-information. Dimentions of the two round are identical externally. The 5.56 Nato round is loaded to a higher pressure than the factory .223. For you re-loaders out there, the 5.56 Nato brass (military and surplus) is slightly thicker, resulting in slightly smaller case capacity.
    Chambering for the two rounds are different. The standard .223 chamber has a short feed throat or free bore. The 5.56 Nato chamber has a longer feed throat. The Nato chamber will shoot both rounds safely and is intended to do so. The same is not true with the .223 chamber. Firing a 5.56 Nato round in a .223 chamber can cause dangerous spikes in pressure.
    All of the Mini-14s, with the exception of the Mini-14T (target rifle), can be used with both the .223 and 5.56 ammo.

    As far as accuracy, the Mini can be a very accurate rifle with a little work. It does not have to cost $800.00 to have it reworked as per dunerunner. If you have the skills and the proper tools, you can make it shoot MOA, with very little cost. In all, the Mini-14 was not designed as a target rifle, but it can be if you want to put forth the effort and it will be more reliable than the AR platform..

    Just my 2-cents....................



    I recently got a mini 14 tactical LE. That's the 16.5" with the strikeforce stock. I have not sighted in the scope yet, but I got it close. 2" group at 75yds. I love it so far. It is great for what it is, and I would reccomend it to any one that needs a reliable well built rifle, that can take a beating. My first one was a 182 (1989) and was in fair shape, but was not nearly as smooth or good shooting as this new one! I still liked the older one for what it was!
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    +1 Could not agree more.
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    I don't think so dear, one (read ME) can never have too many patrol rifles. :p
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    Ouch. I assume that's the wife telling you how it's gonna be? You got busted on that one. :D
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    I bought a mini 14 about 3 years ago new. I shot a few hundred rounds through it and enjoyed it. I paid $650 or so then. I sold mine about a year ago. It was very reliable and decently accurate for what it is. At times I wish I had it back. What I really wish is that I had bought a Saiga or maybe even a M1 A1 .30 carbine instead. For me, it was an expensive gun that I wouldn't use for hunting and I can't afford to fire 1000 rounds a month to really enjoy it for strictly range shooting. If that is the gun you want, by all means get it. I would offer this, though. For that kind of money, you could get two good, practical guns and some ammo or accessories to boot. I'm all hung up on a gun that I just have to have as well. Its a CZ 550 Full Stock 30-06 or maybe a .308. They are around $800. I would hunt with it if I did get it. A plinking gun is fun for sure, but an expensive one starts to wear on you after a while. If you want a .223 for varmints or such, there are much better options for less money. If you want a fun, high cap semi-auto. There are far less expensive options. The decision is, of course, yours but you could buy a nice pistol and rifle for the same money and have more versatile weapons.;)
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    I like my mini. I bought it new a year ago,get desent groups at100 yards. I think its cheap to shoot.I find wolf rnds for less then 6.00 a box.I dont get the Knocks on this gun,Ive seen people at the range doing no better with ARs,AKs etc.
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    Quick question. Do they make M1 caribne folding stocks for the mini 14? I have browsed through some sites that had the original looking m1 carbine stocks for the mini, but thats it:(
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    I love it. I've got to find me one of those! :p
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    I have absolutely no response to this........ I guess she has the Ghey because she is a Glock Ghey-girl and needs a set. :D
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    I own and shoot both a 10+ year old Mini-14, and a 1 year old AR 15 (M-4) Bushmaster w/ DPMS 16" match barrel. I have both rifles set up for 100 yards and under, for self/home/SHTF defense use. The only changes I've made to my Mini is to add the compensator and folding stock. That's it. My AR is as built by my gunsmith / former PD partner, with SX 24/7 night sights. Both rifles are capable of center of mass shots at 100 yards, and both are 100% reliable. (Photos below.)

    I know some will take this as blasphemy, but I prefer to shoot my Mini. Some folks have a problem with the accuracy reputation of the Mini, but quite frankly I've never had that experience. Both rifles shoot as well as I shoot. Since I do not plan on going to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, or enter any long range competition, I don't have a problem using it as I have it set up, for SD/HD/SHTF. They sit side-by-side in one of my rifle safes, and if needed, one will go to me, the other to my wife. It does not matter which. We have plenty of ammo and 30 rd. magazines for both.

    Ruger has re-tooled their CNC machines, for the purpose of offering a viable option for the tactical rifle / carbine market, but I haven't fired one of those yet.

    Another big + is the Mini is much easier to clean, with the gas piston system.

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    Oh Jack, you gave me up like a three dollar H**ker :mad: Now I have to find the picture of Linda from Police Week and post it here... sorry dear but a guy has to do what a guy has to do.