Mini 14 stuck in Sparta Stock

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by Wallenstein, Jan 22, 2020.

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    Hi, I'm new to the Forum, and joined in part to get some help on a used Mini 14 (Stainless Steel barrel post 580 series).

    The rifle came in an Archangel Sparta stock, and shoots just fine.

    The snag is that I seem to be unable to take it out of the stock without the risk of some damage.

    I got the instructions for the stock from Promag, and while that helped, it seems that due to age / lack of cleaning, the action / barrel assembly is firmly stuck in the stock.

    If anyone has experience with this stock and / or experience in extracting an action from an old synthetic stock then please do let me know what you might recommend.

    Thank you.
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    If your new to the FTF we have an introduction page you should check out. It's a great way to introduce yourself so we get to know you. Check our rules out while your there as well.. I bet you'll get some great responses after that..
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    Get thee to the intro bin!
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  4. JTJ

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    Spray the crap out of it. Not familiar with the stock but the assembly has to slide forward off the end of the stock.
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  5. Mercator

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    Try Goo Gone. It dissolves adhesives and syrups and won’t harm plastic stock. Also tap with a rubber mallet, don’t pry too hard.
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  6. Sniper03

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    To remove the Arch Angel Stock from your MINI. You need First to remove the complete Trigger Assembly from it. Then follow the following steps. You do that by pulling up the Trigger Guard until it can be removed from the Rifle.
    1. Turn the Rifle, Receiver and Stock upside down.
    2. Lift the But Stock higher then the rest of the Rifle. And put something under it to support the Stock that will not cause damage to the stock.
    3. Take a small Dow Rod or something similar that will dot cause any damage
    4. With the Stock and Rifle now upside down place the Dow Rod tip to the very rear of the rifles receiver on the (Metal) in the opening of the stock
    5. Take a Nylon Hammer or Piece of wood to use as a hammer and tap on the upper end of the Dow Rod driving the Receiver out if the stock at the rear.
    6. As soon as it slightly clears the Stock in the Back of the Receiver
    7. You will then need to use the nylon hammer or equivalent to gently tap the back of the Receiver to drive the Rifle and Receiver Forward.
    7. This disengages the Rifle;s End Cap from the Stock.
    Good luck and let us know if you need any additional assistance.
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  7. Wallenstein

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    Thanks very much for the step by step, this is really helpful.
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