Mini-14 Rifle - What's a fair trade?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by iceheart1973, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. iceheart1973

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    Hey members, I have a question. I bought a Ruger Mini-14 ten years ago, but I have never shot it. I did buy about 10 clips (30 - 40 rounds - stainless steel), foldable tri-pod legs, and a scope. I just never found the time or place to shoot it. I'm planning on trading it at a gun show for a handgun or two or accesories.

    My question: What is a fair trade? I paid about $1,000 for the rifle and accessories. My handgun that I carried for personal defense was stolen and I do not have the money for a new one. What should I expect in these economic times? A handgun, holster, or ammo? Or perhaps two handguns and holsters? What do you guys or ladies think?
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    take a gander at gunbroker for the current going price that the market is bearing. Unfortunately the 14s arent as popular as they were back in the 80's so Im not sure what you will be able to pull down. I would hold off until after the election, with that many mags you may have a valuable asset that will go up to help your trade effort. :(

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    Gunbroker lately has had about five full pages of Mini 14s and now they display about twice as many Mini 30s as they did two-three months ago. Shooting x39 ammo is a bit cheaper than .223, helping many Russian-designed semi-autos to remain really popular, along with the threat to ban so many types.
    Combining the reality of cheaper ammo with their status as the most reliable and affordable combat weapons, along with news of possible legal prohibition to acquire in the near future, create a strong appeal and it has been growing lately.

    Looked at Gunbroker's 14s last night, out of curiosity.
    Will keep all of my guns, and almost all are carbines (Minis, SKS, MN 44).

    As the economy gets worse, if people feel much more insecure (more crime reported or chances of 'uncivil' insurrection), either this or the anti-gun idiots in Congress could make most semi-autos much more attractive in the mid-term.
    Economic problems might keep these Senators focused more on agendas which have nothing to do with firearms (but let's not underestimate their potential for stupidity: i.e. Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein).

    A good pair of AK-47s or Saigas might be a decent investment for later profits/trades for ammo. The option of an actual Mini 14 Ruger factory 20-round mag. at no extra charge to the buyer (now selling for $45-60) could make or break a deal. Aftermarket mags are mostly a major reliability problem now for 14s and 30s, that is if they function at all.
    Wish I had the cash for a few AKs or Saigas, just to spite Congress, then sell for a profit.
    I'm 53 and made my first gun purchase only one year ago.
    You might try "", the Mini website.
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  4. iceheart1973

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    May not sell or trade!!!

    Thank you for your replies!!!!

    I am having second thoughts about selling or trading my Mini-14. I may just wait for my tax refund next year for a pistol. Who knows?

    Thank you.
  5. matt g

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    Sight unseen, I'd give you $350 for it. I might go as high as $500 if it's still in factory new condition.
  6. plumbernater

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    keep your mini

    I've got an older mini that shoots preety good and straight I have some after market 30 rd mags that work flawlessly and bought some 20 rd factory mags from ruger for 29.99 . Ive got 450.00 in all of it and its worth alot more. YOU cant find them for less than 600.00 right now unless you run across some one that dont know what they have with the obama scare going on. Besides they are fun to shoot, espessally if you like hunting coyotes.
  7. CA357

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    If you want a semiauto handgun, do it quickly and get as many mags as you can. Time is not your friend.

    +1 on keeping the Mini.