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  1. JLz

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    I bought a Mini14 a few months back and fired it for the first time on Saturday. It seemed to be jamming alot and then I noticed that the magazine was kind of loose, it had alot of play. So I bought a 40 rd mag from one of the guys at the range and still had the same problem. Im pretty sure that the magazine is supposed to fit snugly and was wondering if anybody out there could help? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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    As far as magazines go, it's very rare to have a problem with a factory mag, but if you bought the gun used, it may have come with an after-market magazine.

    It's been my experience with my wifes mini-14, that ALL the after-market mags. suck! They all jam on you, every after-market mag. we've bought has jammed almost every time it's used. We now only buy Rugar magazines, and have had absolutely ZERO (0, I repeat...0) problems with them.

    If you think you're using a after-market mag. try a Rugar mag. and see if it clears up your problem. I know in Nov. you could get a 20rd. mag from the Rugar website for $29. If you think you want one (or 10) buy them now, while they're still legal!

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    I did buy the gun used and it did come with an aftermarket 30 round magazine, I also bought a factory Ruger 20rd mag that same day and then the 40 round mag the other day. None of the three magazines will fit snug in the rifle is my problem. They will snap into place but theres alot of foward and backward play, like the magazine is loose if you know what i mean? :confused:
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    Aftermarket mags are NOTORIOUS for failing to feed in mini's.

    Was the factory 20 rounder firing correctly? These, from what i've heard, are the one of the only mags poople would ever trust their life on.

    All 5 of my mags have a bit of side to side play in them, but they all feed fine. I wouldnt worry about a little play, look how the mag well is shaped, its wider then the mags, so the only thing holding it in is the lever and the catch at the front.
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    There will be a small amount of play in the factory magazines and they'll work just fine. I've never had any luck with any aftermarket magazines for these rifles. If the factory magazine causes jams I would suspect that it has been damaged. Check the little outward stamped tang at the rear of the magazine that engages the magazine release lever and if it is near flat to the body of the magazine this clould be a problem. It should protrude out about a fat 1/16". Also check the front of the magazine and you'll see a round hole at the the top of the body for the catch in the magazine well. If the body of the magazine around this hole is pushed or bent inward somewhat this might also be a problem. In either case I would think that the magazine will be litterally falling out of the rifle as well as jamming. BUY NEW FACTORY RUGER MAGAZINES.
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    My 14 is an old '90' series and last spring bought a 30-rd. polymer Promag.

    Although it has only been loaded with between 4-15 rounds to consume less ammo, it has never had a misfeed and the fit is not tight. It has been used exclusively after reading about so many mag problems, almost hoping that it would misfeed, but not once. Maybe just fortunate with this rifle/mag combination.
    When I first bought it, it misfed twice with the Ruger factory 20-rounder, but not since. Maybe the Ruger mag or rifle needed oil after being handled in the gun store for a while?

    In my much newer ss/wood Mini 30, both brand-new ss and blued steel Promag 10-rounders are 100% reliable and have very tight springs.

    Both of these rifles have only used Wolf/Monarch 7.62 or Wolf .223.
  7. pioneer461

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    There are some after market mags that work well in a Mini-14, but as with most things, you get what you pay for. Avoid the cheap gun show magazines. Spend a few bucks and get quality.

    Ruger is now making and selling 20 round mags, of which I have a quantity.

    If magazines are not fitting properly, take the rifle to a gunsmith. A previous owner may have ruined it and sold it to get rid of it.
  8. robocop10mm

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    Mini 14 problem: Magazine

    That pretty much sums it up. Shop around and try different magazines. It is hit and miss but you will find some that work.
  9. Dcomf

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    I've used 2 RamLine plastic mags for over 20 years with no feeding problems in my mini. Tight fit and have only cleaned them once.
  10. Kaptin

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    For best results only use the Ruger magazines. I have yet to see any aftermarket magazine work well.